Classic Hollywood #114 – Esther Williams -1944

Esther Williams Celebrates The Fourth Of July

This is one of those bizarro publicity shots put out by the movie studios to get your attention. It got ours. The caption says:

Spirit Of Independence
As high powered as a cannon-cracker, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer’s Esther Williams fires a patriotic opening shot as the spirit of American Independence. Esther soars through hoops with the same grace she soars off diving boards. The one-time champion swimmer brings charm as well as fine form to “Bathing Beauty,” her current Technicolor comedy musical starring Red Skelton. photo: Clarence Sinclair Bull / Metro-Goldwyn Mayer

This promotes Independence Day? Well, it’s no sillier than the disgusting Nathan’s hot dog eating contest held every July 4. It goes to show you can tie anything to our nation declaring its independence from England.

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