Classic Hollywood #106 – Jack Benny & Mary Livingstone At Ciro’s

Jack Benny and Wife Mary Livingstone Dine At Ciro’s 1955

Jack Benny Mary Livingstonephoto Nat DallingerJack Benny and his wife Mary, enjoy an evening at Ciro’s in Hollywood. Benny started his career in the entertainment world as a doorman at a theater in Waukegan, Illinois, his birthplace. The Benny’s have been married 28 years. photo: Inside Hollywood by Nat Dallinger for King Features Syndicate week of August 12, 1955

Though the photo is not date specific, it is most likely fromĀ  August 1, 1955. A star studded audience was at Ciro’s to see the gala opening of the Will Mastin Trio starring Sammy Davis Jr.. Photographer Nat Dallinger specialized in capturing celebrities in candid moments. If you loveĀ  old Hollywood photos I strongly recommend Dallinger’s book Unforgettable Hollywood (William Morrow & Co., 1982).

The perpetual 39-year-old Jack Benny (Benny Kubelsky) and Mary Livingstone (Sadie Marcowitz) were married January 14, 1927. The pair met when Zeppo Marx took Benny along to a Passover seder in 1922 a the Marcowitz home.

They remained married until Benny died at age 80 on December 26, 1974 a week after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Mary Livingstone passed away June 30, 1983 at age 78.

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