Bookstore Cats

Bookstore Cats At The Book Barn Niantic, CT

Thyme and Cutiepie Cats at the Book Barn NianticThe Book Barn, the best used bookstore in Connecticut, has three shops in the town of Niantic with bookstore cats. The shop is about midway on I-95 from Boston to New York.

I’ve never understood the link between cats and used bookstores but apparently there is one. Having bookstore cats is almost as ubiquitous as used bookstores piping classical music or the local NPR station over the soundsystem.

The Book Barn’s Chapter Three shop, appropriately houses three cats.

Rosemary Book Barn Niantic bookstore catsRosemary the calico cat is the mother to the other two cats at Chapter Three.

Maybe the store doesn’t mind having scratchable furniture. Please note the arm of the couch.

Cutiepie cat Book Barn NianticOn the second floor resting comfortably on a mostly vacant bookshelf was Cutiepie.

Thyme cat Book Barn NianticOn the other arm of the couch is Thyme.

If you are a bibliophile allow a different type of time to visit all three locations of the Book Barn and their cats. With a stock  of half a million reasonably priced books, you can easily spend several hours browsing.

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