Video: Dove vs. Cat – (It Doesn’t End The Way You Think)

What Happens When A Dove Visits A Sleeping Cat?

You’ve heard the expression let sleeping dos lie. But what about cats? Well this daring dove is determined to wake up this cat. And the cat will have no part of it. This is not Sylvester and Tweety.

Apparently this dove regularly comes around to annoy this cat. Does the cat even attempt to slaughter it?

This is either the bravest bird or the most laid back cat.

At one minute in, the bird is laughing, at the cat, right?

The questions I have are as follows:

1) Who lets a dove into their house in the first place?

2) How did this originate? At one point there was a first time this happened.

3) What would compel a dove to even attempt this?

The person who owns this video only has posted one other video on YouTube. Of course it’s another visitation of the dove.


1 thought on “Video: Dove vs. Cat – (It Doesn’t End The Way You Think)

  1. Anthony D Clum

    This is a ring-tailed dove. Easily domesticated. Not native to U.S. So it’s probably a pet. The first behavior is a “bow -coo”, usually sexual in nature. Very open-minded bird, not prejudiced at all.


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