The Empire State Building Opened On This Day – 1931

The Empire State Building Opens May 1, 1931

You probably won’t recognize this building unfortunately, though it is certainly New York’s most famous landmark. Every sightseer who has studied it up close will know it’s the Empire State Building. credit: Acme 9/7/51

There are not many 87-year-olds that look this good.

The remarkable Empire State Building may no longer be the tallest building in the world or New York City for that matter, but it still is one of the most iconic and beautiful.

The Empire State Building opened May 1, 1931. Dedicating the Empire State Building, President Herbert Hoover pressed a symbolic button in the White House that put on all the lights in the building.  (A worker in New York actually turned on the lights.)

For about the first 60 years of its existence  you could see the Empire State Building from most places in the city.

Now unfortunately the building is obscured from many vantage points due to the proliferation of undistinguished glass sheathed monoliths built over the last 30 years . So much for progress.

Even from many parts of Fifth Avenue you can no longer see the Empire State Building. The same cannot be said about the view from the Empire State Building.  On the observation deck of the Empire State Building you still get an awesome view of the city and its environs.

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  1. Edward Gordon

    When did they start charging visitors to the Empire State Building? And how much was the charge? Was it free at first?


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