Brooklyn or is it Booklyn? Rare & Collectible Books At The Brooklyn Expo Hall

The Brooklyn Antiquarian Book Fair In Greenpoint

There’s new life in the used and rare book world. That’s the way it seemed to the many dealers who were exhibiting Saturday, September 9 at the Brooklyn Expo Center 79 Franklin Street, Greenpoint. The variety of material for sale here has made this show a go-to destination for bibliophiles seeking a great find.

It has sometimes been a challenge to interest new collectors considering an entire generation has been brought up in the digital age and do all of their reading on a screen.

Yet they they were. Younger people attending a book show and displaying interest in rare and collectible books.

Looking around the crowd it was noticed that there were quite a few people who were of Generation X , Y and even Z in attendance.

Exposing the passion of book collecting to the kids at the Brooklyn Expo Center.

This is a good sign for collectible book dealers that have been trying to reach younger people and share their knowledge and passion for collecting books printed on good old fashioned paper.

Dealer Peter Austern of Brooklyn said he tried to “exhibit things that were unusual and might appeal to the collectors who are very specific in their wants.” He added that the show being in this part of Brooklyn “tends to attract a different, younger sort of crowd.”

Regarding the venue itself, the natural light and high ceilings at the Brooklyn Expo Center are a nice change to the sometimes crowded and poorly lighted places that shows are often held in.

The vivid displays by many of the dealers make this one of the nicest book shows in the tri-state area. With more than 100 quality antiquarian book, print, photo, autograph and ephemera dealers from all over the world the variety of material was truly exceptional.

Book shoppers enjoying the Brooklyn Antiquarian Book Fair

The show continues tomorrow, Sunday, September 10. No matter what your interests, if you love books, you’re sure to find something that you’ll want to take home you.

Here are some New York City book related highlights.

Terrace Books of Brooklyn had two inscribed Joseph Mitchell books, Up In The Old Hotel and The Bottom of the Harbor, along with a nice first edition of Jacob Riis’ important expose on living conditions among the poor in late 19th century New York, How the Other Half Lives.

In a custom made slipcase box showing some of the buildings he was associated with, a copy of Paul Starrett’s Changing The Skyline was available from Peter Austern & Co., Brooklyn.

Finally, if you are in Brooklyn, there must be a copy of Betty Smith’s A Tree Grows In Brooklyn. This pristine first edition with dustjacket can be yours for $2,500 from Lorne Bair Rare Books, Winchester, VA.

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