Classic Hollywood #62 – A Gallery Of Claudia Cardinale

11 More Photos OF The Enchanting Claudia Cardinale

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Born in Tunis on April 15, 1938, Claudia Cardinale won a beauty contest in the late 1950s. After much resistance she began her film career with three films all released in 1958.

By age 26, the five foot six inch, 123 pound knockout with the curvy 37 ½ -24 – 37 ½ figure was on her way to becoming one of the world’s most popular movie stars.

Give the people what they want. Obviously the people want more of the alluring Claudia Cardinale.

The quotes below the photographs are from interviews with Cardinale.

“When I was 15 it was fashionable to dress like a beatnik – you know with the black pull-over, black skirt, pony tail, and all that. But Mother refused to buy me black things, so I solved the problem by secretly dyeing a plaid skirt black and wearing it with a pull-over which I also dyed.” 1963

“I never wanted to be an actress. I wanted to teach in Africa. People offered me film contracts and I kept saying no. I thought they were crazy. They thought I was too. ‘This funny girl from Africa,’ they said. ‘She refuses to make money She is stupid.'” 1965

“I don’t think everybody can be an actress, it’s a strange kind of life. You have to have a mind very clear. The love scenes are always the most difficult.” 1967

“But when you are involved in a movie you can forget yourself. It’s kind of a separation between me, myself, and the actress that is shooting. I have always tried to have two lives- mine and my work, To be an actress you have to be mature and secure of yourself.” 1967

On why Cardinale seems abnormally happy in the movie jungle – “I thank my good family. At home, nobody talks about my work, nobody throws me flowers, nobody hesitates to argue with the family star. I’m Italian. Italians are always happy.  If one doesn’t like being a movie star, you can always quit and become a housewife.” 1965

I have never made films to be a star but always to be a better actress. I have even done films in which I looked ugly. Anyway, I do not know if I am beautiful.  Sometimes I like my face, sometimes I don’t. It depends how I feel.” 1965

“America- it’s marvelous. The women are so handsome, so beautiful. Maybe because they are a melange. I think the most beautiful people are always a combination – like a salad.” 1965

“I think the Italian girl is much more chic than the Parisienne. Even the working girl. Perhaps she can buy only two things. but they will be expensive and they will last and they will keep their shape. She does not buy costume jewelry. If she needs a sweater she will buy cashmere.” 1965

“Men American style are an enigma to me – a paradox.They seem to be rushing through life burning themselves up; and yet they do not deteriorate as early as the average Italian who lives  more casually and easily. The dashing European men for the most part, star, as you say, to go over the hill when they reach their forties. I have gotten the impression that the average American man at forty is just going into his prime. He will have many years of youthful appearance and youthful ways before he allows himself to slide into a decline. Perhaps Americans take longer to become men and are men longer – something like that.” 1966

“It’s time there were deeper stories about women in the movies. Mostly women are put there because the public likes to see a woman in a picture. Love scenes and nude scenes – that’s what we’re supposed to be for.  You don’t find many good scripts written about us. Why? Because the writers are mostly men, and naturally they know men better than women. Also to know women deeply you have to like them or love them. Our movie profession is filled with men who  don’t like women.” 1971

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