Classic Hollywood #41 – Marilyn Monroe In Acting Class

Marilyn Monroe At The Actors Studio

These three candid photographs of Marilyn Monroe at The Actors Studio in New York were taken by Roy Schatt (1909 -2002).

They are currently being offered at auction on April 15, 2015 by Doyle New York Auctioneers & Appraisers. The estimate for all three photos are between $800 – $1,200. The first two photos of Marilyn in the audience is being offered as one lot (lot 569). The other photo (lot 570) captures Marilyn eating lunch.

Because Actors Studio chief Lee Strasberg thought Schatt had real talent as a photographer he was given access to photograph the classes where actors could hone their craft.

Marilyn stands out in the first photograph almost luminously as she holds a cigarette and is engrossed in the class. In the second photo, taken from the other side of the room, your eyes have to scan for Marilyn as she is seated in the far corner and is not the focal point, but she still stands out. The last photo of Marilyn at lunch, seems to indicate that even though Schatt tried to be candid and unobtrusive with his camera, Marilyn’s sly expression makes it apparent she was aware Schatt is taking her picture.

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