Smoking Cigarettes For A Living

Here Is A Real Chain Smoker

Man tests cigarettes for a living photo Acme 1945This is not part of some government secret test program to see how many cigarettes you need to smoke before you develop cancer. Testing cigarettes was part of Sol C. Korn’s job as the director of various cigarette and cigar company’s from the 1920’s until the 1960’s. In 1945 when this picture was taken he was president of the Fleming-Hall Tobacco Company.

The caption reads:

Sol C. Korn, cigarette authority, puffs prodigiously as he makes the final and severest test of a a cigarette – the smoking. It’s just a job to him. Credit: (Acme 4/20/45)

Even with all that smoking, Mr. Korn lived to the age 70, passing away in 1962.

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