Why Are There Annoying Flies At Jones Beach Field 6?

Is There Anything You Can Do To Keep The Flies Off Of You?

Jones BeachIn the summer if you ever go to Jones Beach in Long Island, especially the often filled popular field 6, you will notice one of two things, there are hundreds of flies swarming around and biting you or there are none at all. I have spent an inordinate amount of time swatting and killing flies as they relentlessly bite away.

So why is this?

The answer lies not in the temperature, the food you bring with you, your choice of sunscreen or fly repellant.

The swimming flags hold the key. If the flags are blowing towards the water you will be inundated by flies. If the flags are blowing towards the boardwalk away from the water, you will generally have a pleasant stay, unless annoying people settle near you.

The flies come with the direction of the wind.

Most of the time at Jones Beach the wind blows in from the Atlantic Ocean and there will be no flies.

But occasionally on some days in the mornings, the wind will come from the north and blow the flies from inland towards the beach where they will seek shade and attack your umbrella, chairs, blankets, bags and your exposed human flesh.

By the afternoon the wind will usually shift and be blowing towards the boardwalk, in from the ocean and will blow all the flies away.

So is there anything you can do to avoid the flies?

Not really, except don’t go to Jones Beach in the morning. But then you probably won’t get into field 6 if you show up past 10 A.M.

5 thoughts on “Why Are There Annoying Flies At Jones Beach Field 6?

  1. Woody

    It was horrible today. The biting flies were swarming and their bites painful. Set up camp and within 15 minutes, had to pack up and leave for the day. Thanks for the info about the wind.

  2. Nancy k Rothbeind

    since you answered my fly question/ why is there a large drop from the beach to the ocean only at
    certain times?

    1. B.P.

      Nancy your question was passed to me. From what I know, tidal forces change due to the moon and sun. The full moon may account for erosion and a steep drop from the sand of the shore to the water. Also weather and wind have an effect on erosion.

  3. nancy

    thanks a lot for sharing this info. this should be stuffpeoplewanttoknow.com! we were wondering why we were alternately getting bombed by the flies and then getting a break. super informative post!

  4. Sharon Heyward

    Your answer about the flies is partially correct. It’s not just the mornings, it can be all day if the winds are blowing from the north.


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