Outtake Photos Of The Doors 1967 Debut Album Cover

What The First Doors Album Cover Could Have Looked Like

Doors debut album photo session © Joel Brodsky

Doors debut album photo session © Joel Brodsky

Almost every rock fan is familiar with The Doors 1967 eponymous debut album containing the hit songs Light My Fire, Break On Through, Soul Kitchen and The End. The album’s  iconic front and back covers were photographed by Joel Brodsky. The back cover photo was also used for a billboard advertisement; the first album to ever get that treatment on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood.

As we pointed out in our article about Carole King and her photo session for Tapestry, there are always other photographs from a photo session that the public rarely sees.

In these sessions, photographer Joel Brodsky took many pictures of The Doors that could have ended up on the cover. Some of the photos were later used on album sleeve inserts and on greatest hits collections.

Below are some of the other photographs from these famous sessions. Do you think any of them would have worked better than what was chosen?

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3 thoughts on “Outtake Photos Of The Doors 1967 Debut Album Cover

    1. B.P. Post author

      Hi Daniel
      Thanks for your comment. Which photo are you referring to – the one used for the cover? I read an interview with Brodsky in which he said he did shoot the cover. The Washington Post wrote in their March 18, 2007 obituary for Brodsky, “Five of Mr. Brodsky’s photographs of the Doors appeared as album covers, and he received a Grammy nomination for the group’s 1967 debut, “The Doors.”

      Maybe you are right. I looked at Webster’s website and there are many similar shots to what is posted on this site but credited to Brodsky. Can you direct me to any story where it confirms that Webster shot the cover? thanks


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