Young Man Swims In Lake Michigan On January 4, 1924

90 Years Ago Today: Victor Barothy Goes Swimming In Lake Michigan January 4, 1924

Victor Barothy swims Lake Michigan on a dare January 5 1924

I’ve seen the polar bear clubs with swimmers who plunge into the Atlantic Ocean on New Year’s Day every year.

But this looks insane. Those large icicles and mounds of snow that loom in the background. Just looking at this photograph gives me the chills.

Unfortunately I cannot find an accompanying story that ran with this news photograph. The caption simply says that “Victor Barothy prepares to swim in Lake Michigan on a dare.” January 4, 1924.

Checking the social security death index, Victor Barothy was born January 4, 1907, so the dare he accepted would have been in celebration of his 17th birthday, even though in the photograph he looks a bit older than 17. With his father and his brother he ran the Barothy Lodge in Walhalla, MI. Victor passed away in Walhalla at the age of 65 in May, 1972.

How long Victor Barothy’s swim lasted in the icy waters of Lake Michigan is unknown.

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