Lou Gehrig Plays Sandlot Baseball 1927

The Iron Horse Takes Some Time To Play With The Boys

After the New York Yankees swept the Pittsburgh Pirates in the 1927 World Series, Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig went on a barnstorming tour across the country.

This news photograph’s caption reads:

Back To Sandlot Days

Los Angeles- Lou Gehrig, Yankee slugger, is shown here at bat during a sandlot game between kid teams. On his barnstorming trip with Babe Ruth, Lou finds himself as much an idol with the kids as the great Bambino himself. And look at the kid behind the plate, ready to help his pitcher strike out Lou. ——11-2-27

2 thoughts on “Lou Gehrig Plays Sandlot Baseball 1927

  1. Chris

    Great photo! Larupin’ Lou was genuinely interested in kids and showing them how to play. A terrific ambassador for the game. Cool too, that he played with these West Coast kids who wouldn’t have an MLB team of their own until they were adults themselves.

  2. Sophia

    It is sad that he is dead because he was such a good man. I remember reading part of his speech word for word. “I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of this Earth right now.”


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