Classic Hollywood #9 – James Cagney & Brother William Cagney With Their Wives

The Cagney’s Arrive At The Academy Awards Ceremony March 12, 1938

From left to right are: William Cagney, producer and manager, Boots Mallory (William’s wife),  Frances (“Bill”) Cagney (James’ wife) and James Cagney, actor extraodinaire.

In 1938 the Cagney family had no nominations for any awards, and that is an unlikely reason for the dour looks on everyone’s faces. Maybe they had a fight on the way over to the ceremony.  We’ll never know, but they certainly don’t look happy.

The following year James Cagney would be nominated for a best actor award for Angels With Dirty Faces. He lost to Spencer Tracy in Boys Town.

James Cagney would win a best actor Oscar in 1942 for his portrayal of George M. Cohan in Yankee Doodle Dandy.

Below, a great speech by James Cagney accepting the lifetime achievement award from the American Film Institute in 1974.

3 thoughts on “Classic Hollywood #9 – James Cagney & Brother William Cagney With Their Wives

  1. Jeff Lunt

    Had never seen this family picture. Thanks for posting. Maybe one reason they don’t look too happy is because none of the Cagney’s liked Jim’s wife, or so I’ve read several times. She was a two pack a day smoker and a very tough woman. She loved Jim dearly, but was not the nurturing kind of mother and they had a separate house for the housekeeper and the kids. I’ve always loved Jim and always will, but I am reminded that none of us is perfect.

  2. Opinion02122

    What a class act Mr. Cagney was! Thanks for posting this lovely speech! And, Mr. Cagney, thanks for all the wonderful entertainment! Rest in Peace!

  3. Rick

    My dad grew up on the lower east side of new York during the depression. When he was a boy, he tells me, Jimmy Cagney’s mother, who he describes as a tall woman, would allow the neighborhood kids in occasionally and feed them. He said she was a tough woman who tolerated no nonsense, would we expect less from the mother of Jimmy Cagney? Not only was she tough, she was kind was well.


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