Question: Why Do Some Garbagemen (Sorry, Sanitation Workers) Block New York City Streets and Not Give A Damn about Public Safety?

City Bus Must Pass Into Oncoming Traffic

Answer: There is No Good Reason

Some of New York’s Strongest, as the sanitation department has dubbed their workers, leave me scratching my head sometimes.

That is why I am going to call out this group of “New York’s Laziest” as there is a subset of sanitation workers who demonstrate their slothful ways with a complete disregard for traffic laws and public safety on a daily basis. I’m not talking about just backing up traffic on narrow streets by not fully pulling over and instead parking their trucks diagonally when they load garbage. I’m talking about something that is egregious.

Now when you can do something the easy way or the hard way, almost always you should choose the easy way, right?


On a busy crosstown block in Manhattan where there is two-way traffic; a school crossing zone; ( the school is one block away!)  a major bus route and lots of vehicles trying to navigate the streets in rush hour, these workers have consistently demonstrated their disdain for traffic laws and public safety. I will let these photos taken over the course of a year basically describe the situation. (click photos to enlarge)

Face The Wrong Way-Why Pull Adjacent to the Curb?

Bus Delayed – Waiting to Go Around A Garbage Truck Blocking A Garage

The Double Whammy As A School Bus With Children Has To Go Into Oncoming Traffic

It Says School Crossing Zone

Taxis Beware

You Can Read Those Truck Numbers Pretty Clearly













Oncoming traffic has to go over the double yellow line to get around these trucks.

School buses filled with children and city buses must dodge cars, taxis, pedestrians (jaywalking) and other oncoming vehicles because these workers are too indolent to pull adjacent to the curb or a parked vehicle and walk a whole extra eight to ten feet to load their truck or trucks.  They also recklessly drive their trucks into oncoming traffic to get to the next pick-up location quickly.

I have spoken to the Department of Sanitation. Here are the rules. They are not permitted to block a lane of traffic let alone two lanes, when it is avoidable and they are never to back in with the front of the truck sticking out into oncoming traffic as seen in these photos.

So much for the rules.

I have politely asked the drivers of the trucks not to do this and they have ignored me.

When they block the driveway of a building garage they seem to cherish the fact that they are making people late by backing up traffic trying to leave or enter a garage.  The pick-ups can last up to 15 minutes. Traffic quickly backs up.

The real issue here is that it would be extra work for them to carry the trash that extra few feet each time and this would add time to all their pick-ups.  And yes, they would have to work harder and not do things the easy way.

I have called 311 and the sanitation department and complained and nothing has ever been done. I have pointed this situation out to the sanitation inspectors in the street while this was occurring and the response is always “it’s not my job,” or “I’ll talk to them.”  The sanitation inspectors job it seems is to levy fines to  buildings improperly disposing of garbage, not tell the operators of the truck to obey the law.  The police and traffic agents I have asked to intercede have also not done anything.

No, apparently it’s not anyone’s job until someone is seriously hurt or killed in an avoidable accident.

A sanitation workers job is not an easy one. They are lifting heavy objects in extreme weather conditions. They have to deal with dangerous items that should not have been discarded through regular trash pick-ups. The garbage smells. There are the rats and needles and other occupational hazards. Occasionally, they come across things that are incredibly disgusting.

But that is their job.  It is what they signed on for. No one is forcing them to do it. They are compensated as follows:

The current starting salary of a Sanitation Worker is $31,200 per year. The current labor agreement provides for periodic increases to a maximum of $67,141 after 5 1/2 years. In addition to the basic annual wages, Sanitation Workers may also earn differential payments based on their specific assignment and overtime.”

And how. With overtime many sanitation workers can make six figures and over.

Some of the workers do their job properly. But these guys pictured above act with impunity and seem above the law. I have never seen a garbage truck ticketed. Make them responsible for their driving behavior. They should be personally ticketed.

I know the city is very busy trying to crack down on other personal behavior, like salt intake and pushing soda taxes; proposing outrageous congestion pricing schemes, or putting tolls on every “free” bridge and adding unnecessary bicycle lanes that neighborhoods don’t want and other misguided proposals and initiatives.

I have close up pictures of these workers, trucks with dates and times these infractions were incurred.

Now will anyone connected to the city do anything about it? I’ll send anyone affiliated with the proper city department who wants to see them the pictures that are not shown on the web site. (Are you reading: John Doherty, Sanitation Commissioner; Janette Sadik-Kahn, DOT Commissioner; Raymond Kelly, NYPD Commissioner or Mayor Michael Bloomberg.)

Or, will they all say, “It’s not my job.”


After 5 years this is the only story that comments are closed on.

Why? Way too much vitriol. Also because almost no one commenting understood the main point of the story – that garbage trucks should not block THREE LANES and affect ONCOMING traffic (buses, cars, trucks and taxis) which cannot see around a garbage truck sticking out across the street, so they can load their trucks. This was not about attacking sanitation workers, it was attacking laziness.

When an oncoming vehicle has to cross over double yellow lines IN A SCHOOL ZONE that is dangerous plain and simple.

When a child gets killed (and it will happen eventually even with Mayor De Blassio’s ZERO VISION plan (pun intended) there will be a public outcry. What could have been done to prevent this? The answer is simply this – Garbagemen should under no circumstances be allowed to load their trucks like this:

This is LAZY!

If you disagree – too bad. I get the final word.

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44 thoughts on “Question: Why Do Some Garbagemen (Sorry, Sanitation Workers) Block New York City Streets and Not Give A Damn about Public Safety?

  1. DSNY proud

    Sounds like a bunch of haters who couldn’t get the job haha. How many people tried to get your job this year douchebags?? 96k tried to get mine. F***ing chumps lol

  2. SAN Man

    The real problem here is people are jealous!!! They went to school for +16 years and they can’t afford the lifestyle of a NYC garbage man complain about something that matters your peice was too well written to be wasted on bullshit

  3. BG

    It’s probably foolish to comment on an article that was written such a long time ago, but I see some posts from 2016 (so what the hell). I was stuck behind a garbage truck for 20 minutes on the way to work this morning and did a google search tonight in order to determine whether there was some reasonable explanation for it. This article was helpful and suggests to me that there was not. The garbage truck was blocking a one way street when there was plenty of room to pull over and get closer to the garbage bags. The sanitation workers were not walking on the driver side of the truck where cars would have been passing had the truck pulled over so as not to block traffic. Therefore, there was no legitimate safety concern and they actually seemed to be making the job more difficult for themselves. I can only conclude that they intentionally blocked traffic to get some vindictive satisfaction out of exercising the power to make people wait. But what are you going to do? In my experience, it is miserable people who get some enjoyment out of making other people miserable, too. Misery does love company. I was in my beautiful new car driving to a job I like and was under no pressure to arrive 20 minutes later than I did. I’m glad I’m not hauling trash for a living and I hope, for people who are, that the job is not so soul crushing that they can only take pleasure in other people’s inconvenience. For me, I’ll wait the 20 minutes and use the time to be thankful for what I have.

    1. SAN Man

      I made +130k last year so you should do little more research before you make certain comments and oh I drive a 2016 Tesla and I am a garbage man!!!

  4. Whocareswhoiam

    We block the streets because if we didn’t cars would run us over. Yes, sanitation can block bike lanes.They can impede the flow of traffic when collecting garbage.unless it’s an emergency. Ex. Police,fire and Emt

    During the snow they are also allowed to go through red lights. They are first responders to natural disasters and laws are in the works right now that if you pass dsny working you will be ticketed or arrested.So get used to us blocking you.

    As for the lazy comment. We pick up anywhere from 12-16 tons of garbage per shift. Two guys or girls.Doesn’t matter how heavy it is. Fridges,couches,concrete,trees,mattresses And basically whatever else anyone calls 311 about.

    We aren’t walking an extra 30 ft so you can not be inconvenienced! YOU THINK NYPD OR FDNY WOULD WALK 30ft CARRYING THEIR GEAR OR PERFORMING THEIR DUTIES JUST BECAUSE YOUR LATE FOR WORK??? I guess you forget how much of an inconvenience it is to be pulled over or stopped by the cops?
    We have a ton of work to do based on a time schedule and if it doesn’t get done on time .shit begins to roll down hill… FAST!
    no one realizes that!
    We look out for our partners and our own safety. Dsny is more dangerous then Nypd and Fdny those are the FACTS!!!
    (Excluding 911 )

    Much respect for our brothers and sisters in PD and FD. Those are not easy jobs at all!
    My mother and father were officers and I know the bullsh*t you guys have to put up with on a daily basis. Stress,headaches and worst of all the people you protect don’t like you!

    Dsny is the best city job hands down. ??

    1. Me

      That’s not entirely true…. I’ve seen many garbage men come and go on my block and some of you are lazy princesses and very picky about what you take. If you wear a back brace and complain that its too heavy I’m sorry but its time for retirement.

      Your job is to lift heavy stuff all day long… I am old and in poor physical shape – if I can get the bags down two flights of stairs and to the curb in a pail with wheels that my 9 year old daughter can roll by herself you have no excuse for not rolling the pail to the truck and transferring the bags a few inches into the back.


  5. Jennifer Sanchez

    I think what every person commenting has missed is the main gist of the story.

    That is: the sanitation trucks in these photographs are not blocking traffic per se, but creating a dangerous condition that is unnecessary as is pointed out in the story. The trucks are sticking out nearly to the double yellow lines and that affects all traffic. How is this defensible?

    I think the story is not being critical of sanitation workers, but specifically the workers that are engaging in creating a dangerous condition. This is occurring in a school zone. Why are the truck workers doing this?

    I have seen first hand how oncoming vehicles have nearly collided with cars having to go around the garbage trucks on 4 lane streets like the one in the picture, as I also live on a wide 2 way, 4 lane street. The Sanitation Department should put a stop to this before someone is killed.

    1. San worker

      The cars stuck behide the truck shouldnt be going on the other side of the street to get around the truck it doesnt matter if we blocked them that doesnt mean they can go into oncoming traffic they went on the other side of the street knowing what could happen thats there fault

      1. SaTaN

        And thank you for showing everyone how illiterate you really are! Now, take your sanit pay and spend it on some spelling classes, you retarded idiot!

  6. Rich Molina

    Trust me you guys talking all this trash, if you were on the job you would do it too, the pain from picking up this trash and other job dutys, driving these trucks with the worst suspensions shoveling snow, plowing these streets hitting the sewer covers is like having an accident on every block not to mention other on the job injurie , then going home and playing with the kids carrying home the grocery everything on the honey do list and family do list really puts alot on the body, so to you and your supporters I say ( f*** you ) for not understanding that we are human, by the way a city garbage truck is retired after 7 to 10 years because they fall apart while we have to keep going 20 or more years,

  7. Chris

    Hope your not stuck behind my truck .
    This post just added 15 mins to your delay. Lol
    Sorry. STRONGEST!!!

    So if u leave a condescending comment after this it won’t matter. I’m gonna retire at 48 with a pension while you’re still stuck behind the truck delaying your commute to work while working into your sixties. Lmaooooo!!!

    Your petty,
    Filthy, worthless,
    Garbage man.

  8. Jasmin Sullivan

    Garbage workers are garbage themselves. One day I stoped for a less than 5 seconds not blocking the road. The garbageman came out and at me and started talking like trash t me, he them told me he was gonna hit me. I tell you, I was a hoping he would so I could sue him and the city.

  9. Mike

    I have seen many drivers act irresponsibly while driving through city traffic and I do think that’s unacceptable… However when parked making a pick up, I block the street on purpose!!! I could care less that your gonna be 10 min late… When I came on the job I thought I would be nice and pull all the way over to allow cars to pass… It didn’t take more than 6 months for me to witness my first accident, a jerkoff driver who was trying to squeeze by ran over my partners foot… Thankfully all he needed was some medical attention to his injuries, but he escaped with his life… There are countless examples of workers being killed by drivers attempting to get by… All that matters to me and my partner is that we go home the same way we came to work, your commute is of zero important to us… Sticking the nose of the truck out like that Kees traffic AWAY from the back of the truck… If you park the truck straight and next to the park cars you run the risk of someone driving into the back of the truck while your working, happened a few years ago to a young kid in BK, sleeping driver slammed right into him behind the truck….screw your commute, our lives matter more.

  10. Guy In Queens

    The author of this article is an idiot. Go one day in the life of a sanman. It’s probably harder and more nerve racking than sitting in a Star Bucks typing this “garbage”.

  11. Former nyc yellow cab driver for 2 years and now working as operations manager at JP Morgan.

    Cabbies in nyc are rough drivers. No doubts. But there were nights I would get stuck behind GT for 20 plus mins at times. Time is money guys. I have seen physical fights between drivers and sanitation workers. I know there are times when u can’t pull aside the truck for traffic to pass by that’s understandable. But don’t do it on purpose. That use to be really annoying back in days and the steam vents on avenues backing up traffic during rush hour. Good old days. Love NYC. Chop chop

  12. James

    Ignorant plebs who have never worked in waste management in their life better stick to what they know and leave DSNY workers to it. Lets see how you feel when the rubbish hasn’t been picked up for a few months and the rodents, filth and diseases are starting to fell you and your loved ones one by one.

  13. C5H11ONO

    These are at-will employees protected by a union. They are inconsiderate and should get a taste of their own medicine. Perhaps next time drivers encounter the blocking trucks, they should begin the attempt to make a u-turn and lo and behold, their vehicle stalled horizontally like them! What will the garbage men do when they too are now blocked! Surely they will have to wait until you are good and ready to move your vehicle (uh, until your car miraculously starts up again) LOL!

    1. San worker

      Haha we wouldnt care we still get paid you on the other hand would just be even later to work and also the people stuck behind me would be more mad then we would lol

    2. San worker

      Haha we wouldnt care we still get paid you on the other hand would just be even later to work and also the people stuck behind me would be more mad then we would lol

  14. Mike, a business owner who works 14-16 hours, including sundays

    Okay, to all the pro-illegally-parked-sanitation-vehicle idiots commenting, NOBODY willingly follows a garbage truck. Can I see a garbage truck down 75th street before I commit to turning? NO. Do I even know what time the garbage trucks stop coming? Sometimes it’s past 9 or 10 AM which is absurd. By that time, garbage trucks just shouldn’t be picking up trash, but that’s besides the point.

    Is this a problem because I didn’t leave on time? Don’t be so ignorant. Of course I left on time. But my time and the time of every other commuter being blocked by sanitation workers (must be thousands every day…multiply that by 10 minutes) is BETTER SPENT DOING SOMETHING ELSE, like contributing to the economy, producing something at work, or just about anything else. This is not just a selfish desire, it’s a real economic loss.

    I appreciate that their jobs are difficult, but please don’t act as though we are being done a favor. They are at-will employees. They get paid well and can leave whenever the hell they want. Their bodies won’t hold up? That’s true of many professions that center around manual labor. That doesn’t mean they should block the road to save some effort.

    Most drivers in NYC are pretty adept at squeezing through tight spaces. If these drivers even moved over a little, it would be sufficient for most people to pass. Is that a fair compromise? Make an attempt to give some passing room?

    Hey, guess what? Most of us white collar workers have pretty hard jobs and we aren’t unionized either, which means being LATE means being fired, and while I understand you don’t give a shit about us or our jobs, please know the feeling is mutual. So why don’t we all try to be a little more empathetic and a little less selfish and perhaps these discussions won’t need to happen anymore?

    PS: delivery trucks actually do get tickets. There is no repercussion for sanitation laborers as eloquently stated in the original post, so we rely on your common decency to respect that while we are not saying your job isn’t important, don’t assume ours aren’t important either.

    1. SaTaN

      Mike, I couldn’t have stated it better myself, You hit the idiot nail right on the head on many points! Cheers!

  15. jay

    You have all got to be kidding. Do u say this about oil trucks, delivery trucks, cops personal cars, etc that block the street? People are working, and why dont you drag a soaking wet pillow top mattress covered in bed bugs an extra 30 feet to appease the morons the cars who insisted on following the garbage truck. Gimme a break people. They are in and out, and if youre in such a rush grab a pair of gloves and help them to do it quicker. They take no pleasure in blocking the street, maybe you should buy a scooter so you can squeeze through. They are immune to the curses, horn honking and attitudes of the animals in the city. And if this happens around the business districts, the world should thank them because the suits and ties are going to be a little late to work, which means less time to rob and steal and swindle the working class. You people complaining are the same people that will park bumper to bumper in front of a garbage stop 25 feet long and 5 feet high, now they have to throw 75 to 100lb bags over a car…or would you rather them drag it an extra 20 feet to an opening, which will take triple the time. These men physically work a job that most of the fittest people would run out of steam within 30 mins. Next time youre stuck behind a garbage truck think two things:
    1. Im a f’in moron for coming down this block
    2. That guy is breaking his ass, non stop for many hours a day, while i sit in a cubicle for peanuts trying to rob people.

    With this being said, open your eyes selfish Americans and STFU

  16. Jamie Davis

    The person who wrote this article is a self absorbed jerk. The people of this city are some of the most selfish in all the world and this is just another example of it. Go down another block idiot.

  17. Amina

    I see everyone on here is thinking very one-sided!!! The garbage must be picked up and please remember we are talking about tons of it per day. So when you see that mountain of garbage as you’re driving by just remember 2 people must pick that up and they need to be able to do it as easy as possible! Sanitation workers are a necessity and we need to stop complaining as if we could do what they do on a daily basis.

    1. Sanit Mans Bro

      You sanit wimps LOVE to bitch and whine and convince yourselves (cause nobody really cares nor listens to you overpaid wimps!) that nobody can do your job and that it’s soooo hard!, well, If it’s so hard and you feel the need to complain, than just quit and go do an easy kiddie job like work at a MickeyD’s or work in a shoe store! lol And the fact is I HAVE done YOUR job a zillion times!
      Meanwhile YOU pussies could NEVER handle MY job or any job I’ve had in the past in a zillion years!
      Most I’ve had required lots of brains and skills!
      Nowadays I carry engines and engine blocks and engine molds all day long in, well, you guessed it, an engine factory, they ARE way heavier than any trashbag or trashcan YOU will ever pick up and at far greater distances than YOU’ll ever DRAG any can or bag to your truck!
      My job does NOT have a union to hide behind (like DSNY) nor a contract that says if it’s too hot I can go home (again, like DSNY) nor any stipulation that says that if a can or bag is too heavy I don’t have to lift it! (like DSNY has!)
      ALL Garbagemen love to whine about how heavy that the garbage they ARE OVERPAID to pick up is and how hard their job is, I’m sick of THAT nonsense!, truth is, pal, you KNEW damn well going into that job that garbage would be heavy at times and there would be tons of it, daily!, And Is it really so hard?
      You get to walk around freely all day long, no quotas, no demanding boss up your butt for a 12 hour shift!!
      I see you clowns take 4 hour “lunch breaks” in the Bar/Pub around my corner, 30-50 of you guys in there DAILY hanging out for hours and getting drunk as hell, instead of picking up the trash that your paid to pick up!
      F.U.! lol
      I would KILL for a job like that, regardless of any ol’ rain/snow/cold/heat, whatever, so quit bitching and whining about it, and while your at it you CAN go shove MY garbage cans right up your ass, or I CAN do it for you!
      And personally, I really couldn’t care any less when you guys block up any street, nah, that doesn’t bug me at all, in fact, it actually gives ME a free minute or two to stop and light a cig and enjoy it, change the station or disc in my car stereo, drink my coffee, etc., in fact there have been many times where I’ve yelled out my cars window “Hey Guy’s, Take your time alright, I’m in no hurry at all!”, Isn’t THAT nice of ME!?
      And to tell you how nice I really AM, I’ve even stopped and pulled over and got out to help you guys quite a few times when I’ve seen a one man only crew who was having a hard time with, say, a water heater or couch or piece of large furniture, I’ve never been one to just callously walk past someone who was struggling, even though I have carried many water heaters up and down many flights of stairs back when I worked for a plumbing co!
      I just really hate the fact that ALL LAZY sanit pussies are, well, lazy and overpaid! If you drop garbage while dumping a can into the truck or throwing a bag into the garbage truck, like many of you do all day long, you could stop for the 1 second it would take and pick the shit up and toss it into the truck, it isn’t that fkn hard! But nooooooo!, you LAZY, overpaid humps always leave every block littered, you asshats ARE worse than hurricane Sandy ever was, because DSNY “workers” or “work shirkers” a I call ’em, always leaves way more trash up and down MY street twice per week than Sandy ever did!!
      You LAZY f**ks dropped a sh**load of one neighbors garbage in front of MY house last summer, sh*t that you lazy turds could have easily picked up in a heartbeat, and even though it was in the middle of the STREET the city tried giving ME a $500 fine for not keeping the front of my house clean!
      Let me tell you, the front of MY house is ALWAYS swept and hosed and clean, and I also even do YOUR job and sweep the curb weekly and clear the storm drains on my street, since YOU overpaid pussies refuse to do it and all claim it “ain’t in my contract”!
      Yeah, it used to be DSNY’s job to sweep curbs, clean up ANY trash/liter on the ground and clear debris from storm drains (sewer) covers along their route!
      I don’t get paid to do it, but I do it on account of having PRIDE in myself and for where I live, unlike YOU overpaid pussy slobs!
      And furthermore, why do you assheads love to throw the cans 30 feet away into my fence at 3:a.m.? Is that really necessary?, Or into my car’s finish each week? When I got my car last year it was brand new and had zero scratches, till it’s first garbage day on the block, than one fat lazy garbagefag, who just couldn’t take 4 steps and put the can right back at the curb spot where I left it for sanit to pick up, just had to throw it right into my drivers side quarter-panel, and not only left a dozen scrapes and scratches and gouges but, also left a decent/noticeable dent, I guess because that was sorta leaving it near my house and almost in the same zip code where I left the can!
      Just glad that I SAW that happen with my own two eyes and was able to get the truck number and report it and also glad that the city had to pay for the repair ($875 + the rental fees)!
      But I highly doubt the lazy bastard who did it was ever reprimanded or suspended for being lazy and doing it’s job improperly, thanks to the union ya’ll hide behind!!
      My old habit was to ALWAYS wait for DSNY to show up on garbage days if I had put out anything heavy and I would gladly throw it into the truck for you guy’s, or would help you guy’s do it, just to give you a small break and a small thanks as a token of MY appreciation, I even used to gift my garbagemen with cash in an envelope and a 12 pack of bud every Christmas time but, since you are ALL lazy whiners nowadays and like to ruin and mess up peoples sh*t and all have the WORST attitudes in the world and hide behind a union instead of being deservingly fired, I no longer give any gifts out, and now on garbage days, my NEW habit is to put out as much shit as possible and make sure each and every can weighs a ton while I just sit on my ass at my window with my video camera and a nice cold beer and film EVERYTHING you rotten retards do in front of MY house, that way when you lazy, dopey dicks ruin my car by tossing the cans unnecessarily, I can catch you doing it!, and when you lazy bastards wanna toss the cans into my fence/gate at 3: or 4: a.m., I can catch that too!
      And when you spill sh*t and don’t pick it up, I catch that too!
      An than when I DO catch you fkin up, as all lazy aholes typically do, it’ll go right on the TV news for everyone to witness, and than maybe a change in the way you LAZY slobs are hired and trained will occur!
      I say No more Nepotism in sanit hiring and no more half ass training for lazy, incompetent morons!
      BTW, I have an older bro who’s on the job for the last 20+ years now, and even HE admits almost daily how lazy most of his co-workers are and how most DSNY drones are illiterate, ignorant fools who only have the job because it requires NO brains and that they only got on the job thanks to a connected friend or relative getting them in without them ever having to take the test that most of them who are on couldn’t pass anyway!


    Google any combination of the words “jobs deadliest dangerous most” and sure enough in the top 10 year after year is Sanitation Worker. It’s not glamorous work. Respect and praise are both few and far between. Everyone is an expert on everything they’ve never experienced first hand. Keep your ignorant comments to yourself until you’ve lived a day in the life. You’ll be surprised with what you experience. Now ask yourself these questions. Did I see that big white truck as soon as I made the turn onto the block? Do I know what those trucks are used for? Do I expect the garbage on the street to magically disappear in seconds without being picked up and placed into the big opening of that big white truck? If that truck was always moving out of someone’s way then will any work actually get done at all? Could I have taken another route in which a garbage truck was not on the street I needed to turn down? Could I have left earlier to avoid traffic caused by these people working? Will honking make them work faster because now they know I’m waiting behind them? Is it safe to squeeze by? Will trying to squeeze by with less than an inch on each side of my car let them be able to move more quickly down the block? Ok now that you’ve asked yourself these questions… If you answered YES to any of them, please smash your head into a sturdy wall and ask yourself the same questions over and over until you’ve answered each question without a YES. Most of these men and women leave the job with a multitude of physical injuries. I, for one, am all for these workers trying to make their jobs as easy and safe for themselves as possible. The human body was not meant to do this kind of work and it will not hold up over the course of an entire career. It’s backbreaking to say the least. Yes they’ve all “volunteered” for the job. SOMEONE has to do it. Why not them? The same way you “volunteered” for your job and also the way you “volunteered” to make yourself look like an ignorant fool by posting this article. Do they not have a right to make a living unless it abides by your guidelines? Must they make their job harder for themselves to save you a couple minutes? Have some decency and understanding. Don’t be so selfish. Who are you that you’re more important than the people cleaning up your filth? What’s a few minutes out of your day? Minutes that you likely could have avoided with a little common sense. I have a great idea that you could maybe redeem yourself with, since you’re so great at complaining. Do some research. Fact check. Start petitioning local government officials. Have stop signs put on the sides of garbage trucks the same way school buses have them. Make it illegal to pass a working truck. A close friend of my husband and I was killed in the line of duty by an impatient driver trying to save a few minutes on her commute. He was a Sanitation Worker hard at work if you failed to make the connection. After you feel you’ve done all you can to get this law passed, you can move on and find other hard working men and women to disrespect and insult their profession and work ethic. My only regret in life is that this article was not printed on paper which I could then use to wipe my ass. And if anyone was wondering, I’m married to a GARBAGE MAN and I couldn’t be more PROUD of it.

    1. SaTaN

      Aww, poor strongest, are you butthurt that everyone hates you LAZY garbagemen, here’s a nice new clean diaper and a kleenex for you princess, i’ll warm you up your bottle! Strongest?, HA! You whine more like the WEAKEST! Your just another liberal assmunchin troll on the side of the lazy, stupid slobs who hide behind their worthless UNION! I’ll bet that if you had NO union to hide behind and cover your ass daily than you guys could/would be held more accountable for the shi**y job you fools actually do on occasion and you might actually have to ACT HUMAN! DSNY=Retarded Lazy Overpaid A-holes! I’ve got TWO words for you lazy pieces of sh*t! I’ll let YOU guess what they are!

  19. Dsny

    I am a garbage man and due to this comment I will block the streets with a big fat smile with the hopes one of you is behind me. Have a nice day.

  20. Jay

    Didier, You’re wrong. Look a rubbishman corrected your English. We are lazy? Most of us lift 15-20 tons a day. So you think we should carry it an extra 30 feet because people are inconsiderate and block the trash? We wouldn’t have to block the road if you left us room. All I can say is if we passed by your house because we would block the road, you would be crying.

  21. Didier

    Nooyer sounds like is a garbage man…anyway your wrong garbageman. Your lazy and upset with life that why you guys do it. Be lucky you have a job and do it right. Ok garbage men?

    1. San worker

      Haha why would he be upset he makes more money then you do lol this guys boss probably tells him that everyday hey do your job he just wanted to say it to som1 else

  22. Jon De Nooyer

    Apparently you don’t know the traffic laws in NYC. A Sanitation Truck has the same rights as as NYC FIRE TRUCK. Next time look at the rear of a DSNY Truck.You will see
    a warning as to how many feet you must be away from the truck and the workers. Make
    a inquiry as to how many Sanitation men receive serious injuries from drivers. If you
    are a Sanitation man and you are seeking to purchase life insurance the monthly premium far exceeds that of a NYC Patrol Man or a NYC Firefighter. Why ? because
    it is more dangerous.Before you criticize walk the walk

    1. Chris

      If you work for sanitation then you know it’s illegal for you to block traffic. It’s a CB1 violation and you can be written up for it. And who cares if it’s a dangerous job, you took it voluntarily. Don’t like it, go jocky a register at Stop and Shop

      1. San worker

        Know what else is illegal some items that residents put in black bags that we cant see and can blow up or chemicals that burn and kill workers and cancer causing agents I didnt sign up for that and also they park like that because all the cheap bags people buy rip and garbage goes everywhere or people who put bricks or rocks sand or dirt 200 pounds in a little black bag or all the rats that live in your basments come and eat threw your bags guess you guys would rather the garbage all over the street

    2. SaTaN

      Really? “MORE DANGEROUS” than FDNY or NYPD? Yeah, because EVERYONE shoots at garbagemen when they try to foil robberies, muggers and looters!, And I guess a garbagemans job is more dangerous since everyone sends the garbage man into burning buildings to save people! Jon, your just a liberal MORONIC asskisser Go get a CLUE, LOSER!

  23. Lex Lewis

    You hit the nail on the head! I too realize DSNY collectors do a very difficult job, but, as you stated, it IS THEIR JOB. It is outrageous that they prevent residents from passing when it could often be avoided by parking close to the curb.

  24. Teresa

    Dealing with the same issue today. The tyrannical garbage men on my block take great pleasure in blocking up the street just enough so cars can’t pass. Waited 20 minutes behind them today; traffic blocked back to the intersection. Would have been longer, but some saint moved his legally parked can. It’s a hospital block, too. They are horrible, petty men these workers. Thinking of moving so I don’t have to deal with them anymore.

    1. Joseph

      Sanitation workers block the street for there own safety. Many sanitation workers have been injured or killed by reckless drivers in a hurry to go nowhere I’ve even witness cars jumping the curb to go around Sanatation trucks and almost running over the garbage man it’s not easy what they do most routes consist of 18-24 tons of garbage loaded by only 2 people (by hand) keep in without them we would b up 2 our eyeballs in garbage.

      P.s look at th first picture posted. how are the sanitation workers supposed to pick up the garbage on that block if the parked cars block the path that was the only option either that or climb over the parked cars with all that garbage

        1. NYC SanMan

          Yeah, and we still make a ton more money than you do! And it’s YOU’RE, not YOUR, you stupid asshole!

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