Dramatic Photograph Of A Deadly Tornado – 1927

A Series Of Deadly Tornadoes Kill Over 300 Around The Mississippi Valley In May 1927

Catastrophic storms and weather events are not just a recent phenomenon. This 1927 news photograph has the following caption:

Tornado 1927 Oklahoma Wide World Photos
300 Killed In Tornadoes Thru Middle West
Oklahoma City, Okla – A remarkable photograph of an approaching tornado as seen from a distance of two miles from the center of the storm which swept over western Oklahoma recently, one of a series which has devastated many sections in the Mississippi Valley causing enormous damage and the loss of approximately 300 lives.- photo: Wide World Photos May 11, 1927

The storms causing havoc across the region were similar to the tornado that touched down in Poplar Bluff, Missouri on May 9.

The Associated Press described that storm:

POPLAR BLUFF, Mo., May 9.—(AP)—Approximately 100 persons were killed and 250 injured in a tornado which swept through the business section here late today.

The tornado destroyed virtually every building in an area four block wide and four or five blocks long. Not a single store building was left undamaged. Property damage was estimated at well over $1,000,000.

The city was in darkness tonight and the cries of injured men, women and children could be heard from all parts of the devastated section. Thirty-nine children were injured in collapse of the east side school. Unverified reports said three or four school children were killed. Torrential rain fell after the tornado. Some injured were taken to churches and others to the high school:

Frantic Pleas for Help

Ten bodies were found immediately after the wind struck. Frantic pleas went out tonight for succor and physicians were recruited at Dexter to relieve the injured. The tornado hit like a bullet from a gun: large buildings and trees were hurled into the air.

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