Donald Trump And W.C. Fields On China

A Businessman And A Comedian’s Views On China And The Chinese

Donald Trump’s views on China versus W.C. Field comments on the Chinese may not seem clearly related. But I think they are.

Who’s statements are more accurate?

Donald Trump photo distorted chroniclescomDonald Trump

“Every single country that does business with us is ripping America off. The money China took out of the United States is the greatest theft in the history of our country”

“I’ve been telling everybody for a long time China’s taking our jobs. They’re taking our money. Be careful: They’ll bring us down. You have to know what you’re doing. We have nobody that has a clue.”

“When was the last time anybody saw us beating, let’s say, China in a trade deal? They kill us. I beat China all the time. All the time.”

WC Fields You Cant CheatW.C. Fields (from W.C. Fields & Me by Carlotta Monti 1971 Prentice Hall)

(On the Chinese) “All they have to do is give each one a gun, plus a few rounds of ammunition and they could conquer the world. It may happen one day.”

“And if they can’t do it by brute force they can accomplish it by cleverness. All they have to do is shrink the neck size of customers’ shirts at every laundry, and everybody will choke to death.”

Fields For President dj

Fields made his statements to Monti in private in the 1930s or 40’s, she does not specify exact dates in her account. Apparently Fields was seriously apprehensive of the Chinese as he was among many other groups (clergy, lawyers, children, film writers, tax collectors, doctors, etc. etc.)

You may not think of Fields as presidential material the same way some people do not think of Donald Trump as Presidential material.

The funny thing about this is that Fields wrote a book in 1940 called Fields For President, a thin tongue-in-cheek tome on his worthiness as a presidential candidate. In the book he says, “If he knows nothing else, a President should at least understand the secret of success in the business world. For, after all, what is the Presidency but a a glorified business – or, at least, a fine racket?”

The difference between Fields and Trump? Fields was considered an astute businessman. Trump is not a comedian.

1 thought on “Donald Trump And W.C. Fields On China

  1. Aspieman

    Donald Trump appeared to make fun of a person with disabilities. However, if you look hard at who Donald Trump is and what he does and says, you will find a person who is trying hard not to follow a social script, but sometimes does to his dismay. This is what happens to people with high functioning aspergers or autism disorder. While Trump is not autistic in any way, he does display many signs of a person with Aspergers, which, despite the changes in diagnosis, are still people a world apart from people with autism, though in the same genetic family. Donald is highly sensitive. He’s socially tactless. He is sensitive to noises. He doesn’t like radical nonsensical change. He likes order. He prefers things to be perfect, because in his asperger’s mind, the world is a mess, rightfully so, and therefore he speaks as someone who sees how terrible our world has become, says it, then has to suffer the bullying and terrorizing from others who don’t understand or accomodate his special gifts. This isn’t narcissim, this is aspegers. Narcissitic people show no compassion and sell out their children and wives. Trump has never done this, People with aspergers tell it like it is. This is what we see in Trump. Yes, he’s rich, but that doesn’t automatically qualify him for being a narcissitic person. IN fact, if you know anything about apergers disorders you will learn this man has many traits similiar to a subset of people with aspergers. These are leaders. Truth speakers. People who don’t need to follow a social script because they aren’t genetically predisposed to following social scripts, which we all know by now, are manipulative and full of strategy. He doesn’t play these games. That’s what is blowing the minds of so many people who are “neurotypicals’ voting.


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