1949 Yankees All-Stars – DiMaggio, Berra, Henrich, Reynolds & Raschi

New York Yankees All-Stars Of Yesteryear

Vic Raschi Tommy Henrich Joe DiMaggio Allie Reynolds Yogi Berra Yanks All Stars July 6 1949 photo © Acme

In 2014, the struggling New York Yankees have three players that were named to the All-Star team: Derek Jeter, Dellin Betances and Masahiro Tanaka, who will not play because of an elbow injury.

In 1949 the Yankees had five players play on the All-Star team. Seen in this photo from left to right are Vic Raschi, Tommy Henrich, Joe DiMaggio, Allie Reynolds and Yogi Berra.

There were 32,577 fans in attendance in what turned out to be a slugfest at Brooklyn’s Ebbets Field, as the American League topped the National League 11-7. Joe DiMaggio drove in three runs and Vic Raschi pitched three scoreless innings to get the save.

3 thoughts on “1949 Yankees All-Stars – DiMaggio, Berra, Henrich, Reynolds & Raschi

  1. Dave Fleming

    Great comment and great website.

    With regard to the picture, may I ask where you got it? I’d love to acquire a print of that.

    1. Max Post author

      Thank you Dave for the compliment.

      The photograph is an original news photograph from Acme which was a newswire service like the Associated Press. Bettemann – Corbis acquired many of the Acme photos, so if you search the corbis web site they may have a copy you can purchase. Be warned they are expensive. Your alternative would be to search on ebay where many sellers have the original newswire photos for sale for a few dollars.

      1. Dave Fleming

        Hi Max,

        Thanks for the information. I will start searching as you suggested.

        I came across your website only recently, and really like your articles – so now you know that you write about stuff that somebody cares about! The only problem is that it makes me realize how much I wish I had been born in the 1930s – I see your comments and pictures of Barbara Eden, Marilyn Monroe, and Julie Newmar, and it actually annoys me that nowadays we’re stuck with Miley Ciley or whatever her name is.

        Seriously, thanks again, and keep up the good work!



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