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Visiting The Doors Lead Singer Jim Morrison & How He Died 50 Years Ago

The 50th Anniversary Of Jim Morrison Really Being Dead


People Are Paying Their Respects To A Coffin “Loaded With Sand”

The Truth About The Death Of Jim Morrison & A Visit To Mr. Mojo Risin’

Pére Lachaise Cemetery photo: Stuffnobodycaresabout.com

“Is there really a body in there?” is usually not one of the questions you ask yourself when visiting a grave. But this is no ordinary grave. Continue reading

That’s One Large Drug Cocktail

Before The D.E.A.

This news photograph is entitled, “Government agent mixing and weighing heroin and morphine.” September 20, 1938.

All they needed was some cocaine for a giant speedball.

Why the government needed an agent to mix these massive quantities of drugs I do not know. A party for J. Edgar Hoover perhaps?

Forget the mask. Look at his eye. Tell me the agent is not getting some sort of contact high.