Celebrating “The Giants Win The Pennant” – 1951

The Giants Win The Pennant

Eddie Stanky & Leo Durocher Celebrate Bobby Thomson’s Dramatic Game Winning Home Run

This Wide World syndicated photograph did not end up running in many newspapers. What might appear at first glance to be a fight is actually a celebration.

The Giants and Dodgers tied for the best record in the National League in 1951. To advance to the World Series, a three game playoff was set.

The teams split the first two games.

Game three ended on what many baseball historians consider the most dramatic moment in the history of the game. Bobby Thomson hit a ninth inning three run home run to defeat the Dodgers with the Giants announcer Russ Hodges screaming in disbelief over and over, “The Giants win the pennant!”

Most news photos surrounding “the shot heard round the world” feature hero Bobby Thomson swinging or pitcher Ralph Branca, after giving up the home run. So the photo above is a bit unusual.

Seconds after the victory, Eddie Stanky and Giant manager Leo Durocher exuberantly wrestled one another to the ground.

The original slug reads:

After Flag Victory – Wrestling
Sequence camera catches the scene on the field as Giant manager Leo Durocher and second baseman Ed Stanky (wearing jacket) engage a little friendly, jubilant wrestling after Bobby Thomson hit his 3-run homer to give New Yorkers a 5-4 win and the National League pennant. Game was the third and final of best of three playoffs between the Giants and Brooklyn Dodgers. Stanky raced out of the dugout to pull Durocher, coaching at third, off the baselines as overjoyed manager greeted the three baserunners on their way to the plate to score. Contest was played at Polo Grounds in New York October 3. photo: Wide World Photo 10/3/51

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