Old New York In Photos #144 – Election Night Times Square 1934

Crowds Watching Election Night Results In Times Square 1934

Election Night At Crossroads Of The World
In keeping with the tradition Times Square was jammed until traffic was halted, as crowds watched election returns. Photo shows part of the crowd at Times Square, election night. Photo: Acme 11/6/1934

For entertainment in 1934 you could go to the Loew’s State Theater and see Mae West in Belle of the Nineties.

Or on the night of November 6 you could entertain yourself by standing in the street.

Thousands of New Yorkers wanted to know the election results ASAP.

Before television and with radio still in its infancy, crowds would gather in Times Square and stare at a building for hours. Election results would be posted on the electronic lighted news ribbon surrounding the Times Tower Building at 42nd Street.

The main election result was Democrat incumbent Herbert H. Lehman easily defeating Republican Robert Moses for governor.

One thought on “Old New York In Photos #144 – Election Night Times Square 1934

  1. Brian

    They could easily have heard the results over radio, but I’m sure there was the appeal of being a part of a “happening” or communal activity.


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