Old New York In Photos #143 – Main Post Office Broadway

Post Office At Broadway & Park Row C. 1880

From a stereoview circa 1880 we are looking north towards the City Hall main Post Office at the apex of Broadway (left) and Park Row (right).The building stood from 1875 – 1938. As we have pointed out previously, architect Alfred B Mullett’s building was considered an eyesore by both architecture critics and the public.

The lack of people in this busy part of town indicates this photograph was probably taken on a weekend. In the foreground standing near a fire hydrant and a lamppost two gentlemen converse as the taller man takes notice of the camera. On the extreme right on the corner of Ann Street at the beginning of Park Row another group of men congregate. In front of the post office pedestrians pass by three trolleys.

The area the post office occupied is now a part of City Hall Park and a traffic intersection.

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