Funny & Strange Protest Signs – Marching For A Cause No Matter How Ridiculous

What Are The Protestors Marching For?

The Signs Will Tell You

What am I tired of? Protests. And Signs.

Maybe these signs will sway people. Maybe not.

How will kids settle who’s the fastest?

It’s about time that someone spoke up for the Morlocks. The privileged Eloi get to live above ground, even if they do eventually become dinner for Morlocks.

Who says today’s youth don’t know themselves? Appropriately sums up how America is destroying itself.And Persians and Siamese and Calicos…and all breeds and colors right? Not just black.

I don’t know about this. Rumors are Sting and Andy Summers won’t even talk to each other.

How true. A great reminder that three very different inanimate objects – whether vegetable or meat – can exist in harmony (and taste great).

This could be a dangerous ideology.

Today it’s black violins. Tomorrow brown. Where will it end?

Of course you can’t.

You’re not a sheep.

Some may consider the Great Gazoo a terrorist for inventing a doomsday machine that could blow up the universe, so sticking up for green lives is a bold statement.

And implying we should admit Illegal fictional aliens like Gazoo to the U.S.A. is very controversial. Let’s be honest though: fences can’t stop anyone from the planet Zetox from teleporting here anyway.

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