Classic Hollywood #124 – Marx Brothers At Grauman’s Chinese Theatre

The Marx Brothers Leave Their Prints In Cement At Grauman’s Chinese Theatre- 1933

Marx Brothers leaving prints at Grauman's Chinese Theatre 1933 photo Acme

Los Angeles – The four Marx Brothers, film comedians are now among the famous whose foot and hand prints now grace the foyer of the Chinese Theater in Hollywood. Enduring cement holds the imprint and the lobby of the theater is beginning  to look like a Who’s Who in Movieland. Among the notables who are represented there are Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks, William S. Hart, Ann Harding, Diana Wynward, and now the Marx Brothers. Photo shows (left to right) Jean Klossner cement contractor; Harpo, Groucho, Zeppo, and Chico Marx. Sid Grauman (standing). Photo: Acme; 2/17/1933

One thing to note about this news photo is that Jean Klossner the cement contractor is not cropped out of the photo. There is little chance this would happen today. The public wants to see celebrities, not the unknown hired help. However, Klossner was truly a cement artist and he appears in many of the photos with celebrities leaving their prints. With Grauman, Klossner nicknamed Mr. Footprint, came up with the celebrity cement idea before the theatre opened in 1927.

Klossner would spend hours preparing the Belgium imported cement treating it with seven secret chemicals to increase its plastic qualities. He would then work many additional hours smoothing out the prints and signatures.

Taking a break from filming Duck Soup, the Marx Brothers showed up at the theatre at 1:30. Besides leaving their signatures, hand and foot prints, theatre impresario Grauman was going to ask Groucho to leave an imprint of his mustache. The request was either never made or ignored for good reason: the mustache was nothing more than greasepaint. Grauman also thought it would be a good idea for Harpo to donate his wig and have it encased in a cornerstone.

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