2022 Baseball Lockout Ends – More Stupid Changes Coming

The MLB Lockout Is Over. The Cost?

More Ruinous Changes

A Quick Look Back At A Spring Training Of The Past

Babe Ruth Greets New Yankees Manager Joe McCarthy At Spring Training 1931

Spring training will begin soon now that the avaricious owners and materialistic players have reached an agreement to continue ruining baseball. Pitchers will no longer hit in the National League. A ridiculous 12 teams will be in the playoffs. And I thought 10 teams was horrendous. The whores who run baseball will now allow advertising on players uniforms. That’s just for starters. We’ll see what other brilliant changes come down the pike.

Professional baseball reached an all-time low in 2019 teaming up with gambling websites. Following the money as always, hypocritical MLB leadership encourages gambling on all aspects of baseball games, while brandishing the “integrity of the game” at opportune moments while still demonizing baseball’s history of gamblers and gambling.

From this point on things will only continue to get worse. Baseball’s decline is a self-inflicted punishment for real fans paved by bad decisions done in the names of “marketing”, “branding” and “expansion.”

Soccer will eventually overtake baseball’s popularity. This is because of changing U.S. demographics and baseball’s so called improvements over the past few decades. MLB has managed to alienate stalwart fans and thwart building new fans through dozens of misguided efforts.

Let’s return to a simpler time. The date: March 3, 1931. Babe Ruth shows up at Yankees spring training.

Here’s the original news caption of our spring training photo.

The Mighty “Bambino” Meets The New Manager
St. Petersburg, FLA – Babe Ruth, slugger extraordinary of the New York Yankees greets Joe McCarthy, new manager of the club at the training grounds in St. Petersburg, FLA. After this meeting, Ruth participated in his first workout of the spring season. – 3-3-1931 photo: Wide World Photos

2 thoughts on “2022 Baseball Lockout Ends – More Stupid Changes Coming

  1. John Suessmann

    Canceled my MLB subscription. Deleted all blogs I followed. Boxed up all of my jerseys, baseball collector items, and games I have taped. I have followed baseball for over 50 years, but not any longer. Too much money, too much change. The game and the people involved have ruined the National Pastime. Guess I sound like a old man but between this and the other messes of the world, we are doomed.


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