Old New York In Photos #129 – Union Square

Union Square Street Scene – 1901

1901 Broadway & 14th Street looking at Union Zquare copyright 1903 photo J. Howard AvilThis 1901 street scene is looking north from 14th Street towards Union Square.

The street is crowded with pedestrians as trolley’s make their way up and down Fourth Avenue. The nearest trolley is going to Astor Place and the trolley to the right has on its destination sign Harlem.

In the background is the bronze equestrian statue of George Washington, created by sculptor Henry Kirke Brown. The statue was dedicated in 1856 and was the first statue put up in New York City since the American Revolution.

Two slim buildings with flags can be seen at Union Square West between 16th and 17th Street. The Decker Building was built for Decker Brothers Piano Company in 1892.  Further north is the Hartford Building built by The Hartford Carpet Company in 1896. Both buildings are still there.

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  1. Germain

    When I was 7yrs old my parents would take me to a music school back In 1967. Located on , I believe it was located On west 14st . I need to find photos, or if anyone knows what I talking about. Thank you.


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