How Men And Women Think Differently As Seen In A 100-Year-Old Illustration

100+ Years Later-  What is the “Difference”?

A while ago, browsing through old news sources for verification of a story, I came across an illustration from Harper’s Weekly from the early 1900s.

If there is an artist’s signature, unfortunately I could not find it.

Harper's Weekly man and Woman illustration How each sex think's differently.The Illustration taking the entire page is titled “The Difference.” It might be construed by some people today as politically incorrect, totally sexist or completely accurate.

The man and woman have had a spat about something and they think to themselves-

HE: “I was right, but I suppose I’d better give in.”
SHE: I was wrong, but it won’t do to admit it.”

Rather than examine the the PC-ness of the illustration,  I’ll just ask this: today, would most men agree and most women disagree with the presumption presented that women don’t give in even if they know they are wrong?

Most men won’t give in when they know they are wrong. In fact, no one likes admitting they are wrong.

Has anything changed in the last 100 years? Who are more stubborn when they are wrong – men or women?

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