Hope For Rock N’ Roll? Amazing Kids Playing Deep Purple’s “Burn”

There Are Kids Who Are Learning What Music Really Is

Maybe There’s Hope For The Appreciation of Rock n’ Roll

Believe it or not I’m not that old. But I have lived long enough to have witnessed the virtual death of rock ‘n roll and the talent that is necessary to compose and perform it. To clarify, perform on an actual instrument, not a computer. An instrument that requires thousands s of hours of practice to not just have competence but to excel and display true talent.

Yet, when you go into almost any store like Sephora, Pac Sun or Hollister, in any mall in America you are bombarded by some loud sounds emanating from the store’s sound system. It’s the popular music of today.

It’s an assault on any adult entering with kids but that is why they are playing; A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, Bebe Rexha, Rich The Kid, Lil Dicky, or Nipsey Hussle.

The stores play the Billboard Hot 100 pop dreck, hip-hop, or heavily computerized, synthesized autotune junk that appeals to kids and teens. Stores want them to shop there and that is what kids listen to and have grown up on for the last three decades. These kids and many of their elders know no other form of what they think passes for music. They like the instrument-less, undifferentiated ear candy which has permeated the minds of malleable Millennials  and Generation Z for over 30 years.

But not all kids.

Here is the evidence. In Easton, PA in 2017 Houseband, apparently from the local School of Rock comprised of teens, playing Deep Purple’s “Burn.”

Realize, throughout history every adult generally despises music that is popular with their kids. Whether it was Cliff Edwards, Benny Goodman, Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Ramones, or Nirvana: your parents, and before them, their parents, and so on, couldn’t understand how their kids could actually enjoy that noise. But rebellious kids always found the new music, loved it and the parents hated it.

Now you have 30 years of the same monotonous noise that is shared between parents and children. And they think the music is good. That is not their opinion, it is a fact to both generations. Unfortunately many of these parents and their children have never been exposed to The Rolling Stones much less The Foo Fighters. So what do they understand about what is good? I would say not much.

The difference is that many of the popular musical acts of the past played instruments. They composed music, It isn’t much of a stretch to go from Mozart to Duke Ellington to Oasis.

So, with almost no kids listening to rock n’ roll, this video is a refreshing reminder that there are still young people out there not just listening to, but playing rock music. And playing it well.

Thank you School of Rock. And kids, as Argent proclaimed, “God Gave Rock n’ Roll To You.”

Keep rockin’.

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1 thought on “Hope For Rock N’ Roll? Amazing Kids Playing Deep Purple’s “Burn”

  1. Koni Royval

    Music in stores—

    I have some issues driving when my MS flares up,so as to not cause any harm–I just do not drive until the flare is over. Could be just a couple days,a week or as in this case–it has been over a month. Drat & double drat.

    Because I WANT to buy a couple of new dresses and a few other things. My husband has been my best buddy since 1972. Helped me out,done favors LONG before my brain & body began playing jokes on me. Even the most patient husband has never been a fan of dress shopping. Plus having HIM help take clothing off,in a dressing room–well we may be getting older. But–he is still way to grabby, So here I am STUCK–either have him take me–or give up my trip. So I give him the plan,beg him to behave.

    We get to the First store-and BLARING–so gosh awful is something, SOMEONE is attempting to push as music. I must have looked as dismayed as I felt (migraine on the way) as a young sales clerk walked my way, asking how she may help.

    I did tell her, turn down the music, also knowing she had NO power. I had come prepared to spend $400 to $500 on the 2 dress and blouse I has seen. But that her company is making it obvious they do NOT want my money,nor that of those my age.

    No one younger would WEAR the dresses–I am 5’6″ and they hit me mid knee. Fine if you are 66. Which is what i should do with a 36 yr old grand daughter! I did find someone who wanted our money–without the screaming.

    I do LOVE shopping in a STORE–do NOT wish to give up. Barnes & Nobles–please start selling clothing!


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