Classic Hollywood #79 – Dana Andrews, Harry Morgan & B.S. Pully

At A Nightclub Dana Andrews and B.S. Pully Start To Shave Harry Morgan (Sans Shaving Cream)

Harry Morgan Dana Andrews BS Pully at nightclub 1946 photo Nat Dallinger King Features

Attending a night club with a full beard which he wears for a current film role, actor Henry Morgan, was quickly spotted by fellow actors B.S. Pully, left, and Dana Andrews who proceeded to attempt a dry-shave to the delight of other patrons. Many film actors prefer to raise their own beards rather than spend hours in studio makeup rooms having false whiskers applied. Furthermore it adds a touch of realism to the actions of the wearer. photo Nat Dallinger for King Features Syndicate.

Although undated this photograph was probably taken sometime in 1944. Andrews, Morgan and Pully all appeared together in the film Wing and a Prayer. Morgan was bearded for his role as Ensign Malcom Brainard.

Dana Andrews is today best remembered for starring in films such as Laura and The Best Years of Our Lives. Henry (Harry) Morgan had a long career in movies and television and will be remembered for generations as Colonel Potter in the TV show M.A.S.H.

If you are wondering about B.S. Pully, Bernard Samuel Pully (1910-1972) was a comic who frequented nightclubs, not only as an entertainer but as guest. Although Dallinger’s photograph doesn’t identify the nightclub, it is most likely Romanoff’s where Pully was a habitue.

A large man with a booming voice, Pully was described by newspaperman Philip Sheur “as a cross between Lionel Stander and Zero Mostel.” Pully himself said he was “the Frank Sinatra of the poolrooms.”

Pully appeared in nearly two dozen films from 1944-1970. As to his acting style he ruminated, “Nothing to it. The thing is to be yourself.”

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