The Woman in the First Row Behind Home Plate At Milwaukee Brewers Games? It’s “Front Row Amy”

“Front Row Amy” Gets National Attention Sitting Behind Home Plate During The Milwaukee Brewers Playoff Run

She is there for every pitch – “Front Row Amy”

The Milwaukee Brewers are battling the Los Angeles Dodgers in the playoffs and the games are being nationally televised. This has led to a discovery for most (male) fans outside of Milwaukee.

Front Row Amy

You’d have to be completely oblivious not to notice there is a woman sitting in the first row behind home plate at the Brewers home games always wearing a low cut blouse.

You may think she is there to distract the opposing team’s pitcher. She is not. She has been going to Brewers games for over 10 years and her name is Amy Williams, aka “Front Row Amy.”

Amy is a die-hard fan. As a season ticket holder she attends around 50 games per year. In 2011 she moved to her signature front row seat and started getting “noticed.”

As she told in 2011, “What first got people’s attention was probably, well, you know, “the girls.” But, I think what keeps their attention is that fact that I am so passionate about the Brewers. Brewers fans appreciate the fact that I drive an hour and a half to games by myself, that I keep score, and that I really get into the game! The Brewers are my life during baseball season, and I guess that shows when I’m at games. I love them so much it hurts! And baseball is the greatest game on Earth!” How famous is Amy? Well she has a bobble-head available for purchase. I don’t know many fans who have received that honor. She also has imitators at Miller Park, such as this person, “Front Row Andy.” Getting to the ballpark must have been interesting for Andy, let alone sitting there in that getup for an entire game.

Is Amy a distraction to the opposing team? Probably not. At least no player has ever let on to the press that they steal a glance towards the first row. You can rest assured no player has even noticed her “girls,” as Amy refers to her breasts. Even if they had looked, these modern ballplayers are professionals, and would never say anything that might be deemed sexist and rile up the public by objectifying women.

Amy’s twitter bio reiterates that she is, “the most passionate Brewers fan you will ever meet. I love Miller Park. I love to dance. I work out a lot. Did I mention I love the Brewers?”

If you are wondering about personal details, Amy is 49-years-old, lives in Oshkosh, WI, and graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh in 1993, with a Bachelor of Science in English. Most importantly, to crush the dreams of many TV viewers, Amy is married and has kids.

Now that you know all, go back to enjoying the game.

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