Why You Should NEVER Switch To Spectrum (Formerly Time Warner Cable)

In New York City, If You Thought Cable TV, Internet & Phone Services Were Bad, Just Wait Until You Deal With Spectrum


Let’s start out by saying all internet / cable TV / satellite providers are not known for their great customer service. They usually are very good at eliciting complaints.

I’ve previously been a customer of Cablevision, Verizon Fios and Time Warner Cable. No one but stockholders can possibly like these companies.

But Time Warner cable had actually improved their overall service in the last few years and their prices became somewhat reasonable thanks to the good old American free market system known as competition.

Then Charter Communications acquired Time Warner and in 2016 created a merged monster called Spectrum. This new company would be more aptly named after James Bond’s arch enemy Spectre.

I’ll make this short and sweet: Don’t go to Spectrum especially if you are a Time Warner customer.

If you are scratching your head saying to yourself “but Time Warner is now Spectrum as the ads keep proclaiming.” Yes that is true. However if you have been and are currently a Time Warner customer, you are considered a Time Warner Legacy customer. You have a plan and pricing that end when you switch to a Spectrum plan.

Getting slightly personal, when I called to adjust the new $300+ Spectrum bill which for the previous 3 years under Time Warner had been a little over $100, Spectrum gave me a price, tax included of $128.  I grudgingly accepted because Fios was even more. But when the new Spectrum bill arrived the price given was not honored. It was higher. Calling Spectrum’s customer service, retention and billing departments and having several people who have a first name only acknowledge that I was given a $128 price, but there was “nothing that their system could do about adjusting future bills,” was mind boggling. The new pricing and package I was under was a Spectrum plan.

There lies the most important part of this complaint process. Discovering that I was no longer a Time Warner Legacy customer when I switched plans. Who knew there was such a thing?

Unfortunately for the consumer they might also neglect to tell you (as they didn’t tell me at the time they switched me), your “really great” Spectrum Silver price plan removes you from anything to do with Time Warner.

This means the internet speed, channels you receive, and other features you had as a Time Warner Legacy customer change, just not necessarily for the better.

Spectrum’s ads say they are “redefining what a cable company can be.” True, if you define cable companies as satanic or possibly secretly run by Spectre.

For me, dealing with Spectrum has been like dealing with Satan. Only when you make a deal with Satan you know you’re eventually going to hell. With Spectrum I immediately went to customer frustration hell.

What will I do next? I’m dropping Spectrum, getting a digital antenna to get about 30 free channels broadcast locally and a Netflix account. As far as internet goes, that still has to be figured out.

I told the reps at Spectrum I would do something about what I consider deceitful dealings. They didn’t seem to care.

Money and customers lost is what they care about.

So I advise you, cut the cable and find an alternative.

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14 thoughts on “Why You Should NEVER Switch To Spectrum (Formerly Time Warner Cable)

  1. Kevin

    My wife was recently convinced to switch her legacy account with times Warner to spectrum. It has been a complete nightmare. We are thinking about commencing a class action against spectrum because they never disclosed all of the negative ramifications of switching from being a legacy account member to spectrum. If you were persuaded to switch from being a legacy customer to a spectrum customer and were not told about the consequences, please let me know. Thanks

    1. Launa

      I just called Spectrum this morning to have the 2nd tier removed from our account which I thought was Spectrum. However, the customer service rep informed me they cannot make any changes to my service because we are still a TW customer. I thought, something isn’t right here, he asked me if I wanted to migrate to Spectrum and I asked him how that would change our acct. He couldn’t really explain it. So I said, no thank you and hung up. I was very suspicious as to what was happening, so I got online to research this and found this site. Let me know how the class action works out, sounds like some really messed up biz practice is going on here with Spectrum.

  2. Xie

    I have Spectrum and I pay nowhere near 300 dollars per month. I have all the premium movie channels and a Latino premium package too because I speak and understand Spanish. You might be right but I’m disabled and have no car and I want and NEED entertainment since I am home all the time. Bus service in my area is poor so taking the bus to find entertainment is not an option for me.

  3. Pamela Ferraino

    I hear you!!!! My bill as a supposed bundled TWC over 30 years customer ..is now up to $227.41 for internet, cable and dvr and the stupid landline I do not use!! How are all these extra charges legal, as my bill was $160.00 when spectrum took over!! And TWC would work with you, they would help you find somewhat of a middle ground to help pay..SPECTRUM blows you off and tuff S#$t if you don’t like it!! They go for the new customers and your screwed being a long time customer!! THEY are the biggest rip off..looking for something else!

  4. Delores Phillips

    I am a Time Warner legacy customer since 2012. However, at other addresses since 1974. I am a senior and on social security fixed income. Spectrum keep going up on my bill to $152.00 a month and I cannot afford this, and I struggle every month to pay. They will not offer anything less without me downgrading to basic cable which is just an antenna CBS, NBC, etc. or choice with 10 added stations like MSNBC, CNN, Syfy. This will cost about $107.00 plus the added cost of $7.50 for each cable box. Their internet is $70.00 plus taxes. Will not give me new customer’s rate.

  5. Screwed by Spectre

    As far as I’m concerned, Spectrum/Spectre can go to HELL IN A HAND BASKET.
    Couple years ago, Spectrum/Spectre took over our Time Warner Cable area customers and my nightmare has begun. Previously my old roommate had TWC account with 200mbs up speed service with cable /phone bundle from TWC for $80/mo or so. He moved out, I don’t watch TV, so I changed my plan at TWC to internet only 100mbs download at $40/mo (additional $5-10/mo for modem/router but heck, I have mines so it was only $40). Once Spectrum took over, first several months I was still paying $40 only as legacy customer, but when (I guess) the special pricing I signed up while TWC customer expired in a year then Spectrum raised my internet price $5 to total $45/mo, with no added benefits. So I inquired about their advertised (everywhere on TV, mail flyers, etc) $29.99/mo deal for the internet 100mbs speed (same I had for TWC). They said, that’s price I’ll get if “bundled” with their CableTV & home phone service, that I’ll get them for $29.99 EACH (means internet $29.99 + CAbleTV $29.99 + home phone $29.99) for a grand total of $89.97/mo! Isn’t that called FALSE ADVERTISEMENT? All their TV ads keep saying “for $29.99/mo, you will get Cable, internet, and home phone…” (with only tiny lettering saying “/ea” on the TV screen!) I didn’t want to pay $90/mo just to get my internet, so I asked what’s their cheapest internet pricing. It was whopping $69/mo just to get the same 100mbs internet alone! (“But you’ll get free modem from us” well, no thank you) So I kept myself as legacy TWC customer. After that, Spectrum kept calling me on and on phone sales to hard-core push me into their better “bundled” deal, I had to scream at them one day, told them to get LOST and put me on their DO NOT CALL EVER AGAIN list.
    Service has been worse also with Spectrum, we have interrupt service/outage every so often, speed seemed much more lagged, etc problems. Guess what? I recently called about service problem and had tech support check my internet service. I’m told that my internet speed is 50mbs download as a TWC legacy customer! WHAT!!! When did they cut my internet speed IN HALF and they never told me about it! Now they try to convince me that I always had 50mbs plan on my TWC, which I doubt. I’m ready to dig out my old documents that shows I had signed up for 100mbs speed with TWC and ready to take it to whoever complaint authority on Spectrum’s deceptive sales/tactics practices which lessen my service value in HALF while taking MORE money from me monthly than under TWC. I thought “legacy” meant your old account pricing was “honored” and kept? Isn’t that what it means???

  6. Selenia

    I convinced a household that has to have everything to switch and I did look up under their disclosures their actual prices. I only really use the internet so I’m happy as heck going from 20 down 2 up paying $60 for the privilege and paying $5 more for 100 down and 10 up, which tests revealed I actually get and then some. It was over $100 around here 50 down 5 up under Time Warner Cable and we have the option to upgrade to 300 down 20 up which never existed before. Our overall bill is set to drop by $60. I think Spectrum is more expensive if you have a more skimpy package but on the upper packages they are cheaper. Certainly their internet is a better value. We are not on promotional prices because we are well past the expiration for that and Legacy Time Warner Cable customers are not regarded as new Spectrum customers.

  7. Lynda Holt

    when I called about a $35.00 increase in my bill the person said she would see if there was a cheaper package available. She offered me a package that was $40.00 cheaper than the higher bill. I asked if the channels were the same and was assured they were. And no rental charge for modem. I agreed to change. I was shocked that evening to see that numerous channels were missing. When I called to find out why I was told that I had changed from Time Warner to Spectrum. I protested that I had been mislead and never agreed to the switch. Bottom line the answer was too bad, nothing they can do. So basically I am paying more when you figure that I lost about 20 some channels. lie, lie. As soon as I research my options, Spectrum can take a hike.

  8. g

    ok thx…..so whats the alternative for better and cheaper wifi and cable tv in nyc, ny? no one seems to know this online.
    complaining is easy what about a solution instead?

    1. Setsunna

      Get a Firestick…modify it and only pay for high speed internet from whoever you choose. And get Netflix or something so you can have a choice of programs.

    1. Bert Post author

      Thank you. I did that last week. The New York Attorney General is next. The problem is, is that these types of companies will continue to pay seven figure fines and continue to deceive consumers rather than do the right thing.


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