This Is The Best Rock ‘n’ Roll Cover Band I’ve Ever Seen

Gruhak? Yes Gruhak From Croatia. An Amazing Rock ‘n’ Roll Cover Band


If Gruhak ever does a concert in the United States, I’m going to see it.

Since the 1970s I’ve seen over 300 concerts. Among them: AC/DC, Deep Purple, Paul McCartney, Motörhead, The Rolling Stones, Metallica, The Clash, Kiss, Iron Maiden, Rush and countless other classic bands.

Sometimes the shows have been great, other times it’s been a disappointment. Especially now because as the older the bands get, the harder it is for them to perform live. In the past 10 years I’ve mostly stopped going to shows rather than see my rock ‘n’ roll illusions shattered.

Enter the tribute or cover band, that in some cases can deliver a performance that sounds better than the band they are copying. Cover and tribute bands are a dime a dozen, many of them are not very good and they play the bar circuit. There are a handful of bands that can  make a full time living at it and have developed their own fan following.

It is rare that there is a band that can have the energy, the vibe and the talent to cover multiple groups and do it well.

That fits the description of Gruhak, a five piece band from Dubrovnik, Croatia.  The word “gruhak” means a loud and obtrusive person.

Rather than go on and on about their talent, have a look and a listen.

First up – The Who – We Won’t Get Fooled Again.

Now performing in a totally different style, Gruhak takes on The Doors with Love Me Two Times.

It’s not that Gruhak sound like The Doors. It’s not an imitation, but an interpretation and it’s a damned good one. Gruhak’s  singer Boris Kosović, has Jim Morrison’s intonations and the band sounds more like the Doors, than the band that Doors members Ray Manzarek and Robbie Krieger put together a dozen years ago with Ian Astbury, formerly of The Cult, on vocals.

As far as Gruhak’s version of We Won’t Get Fooled Again, it’s as if we’re hearing Roger Daltrey and company in their prime. The other musicians in Gruhak are equally accomplished.

Gruhak also composes their own songs, but it is their knack for chameleon-like performances that sets them apart from other bands.

Listen here as the guitar and drum work on Led Zeppelin’s Over The Hills and Far Away are the standouts in this performance.

An incredible version of Pink Floyd’s Time.

John Belushi may have done the best imitation of Joe Cocker, but Gruhak does a pretty mean one themselves on With A Little Help From My Friends.

We’ll wrap it up with a song Led Zeppelin never performed live in concert, Night Flight. Even though lead singer Kosovic cracks a couple of times on the high notes, this is still an amazing rendition of a song that is difficult to sing.

If Gruhak can now compose original songs in English as creatively as they perform the classic rock songs they could become a major attraction.

Maybe there is hope for rock ‘n roll.

5 thoughts on “This Is The Best Rock ‘n’ Roll Cover Band I’ve Ever Seen

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  2. Digger

    Me First and the Gimme-Gimmes is another not to be missed cover band, if only because they take themselves less seriously than anyone else does. Their repertoire, ranging from Broadway show tunes to Country/Western to 60’s and 70’s rock to Italian Arias and traditional Yiddish folk music, all ramped up to modern punk standards is simply incredible.


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