Old New York In Photos #66 – Brooklyn Bridge & The Manhattan Skyline At Night 1928

Under The Brooklyn Bridge & The Classic Manhattan Skyline At Night -1928

brooklyn-bridge-manhattan-skyline-at-night-1928The Brooklyn Bridge frames this unique view of lower Manhattan at night in 1928. The Woolworth Building (partially seen behind the tower of the bridge) was still the tallest building in the world.

In the center of the photo is the third tallest building in the world, the Singer Building at Liberty Street and Broadway. The second tallest building at the time was the Metropolitan Life Insurance Building on 23rd Street and Madison Avenue.

The next skyscraper to the left of the Singer Building is the Equitable Building. Just south of the Equitable with the pyramid shaped roof is the Bankers Trust Building.

Over the next four years this portion of lower Manhattan would change drastically with the addition of many skyscrapers.

These included: Cities Services Building, 950 feet at Pearl & Cedar Streets (1931-32); Bank of Manhattan Trust Building, 927 feet, between Nassau Street & William Street (1930); City Bank Farmers Trust Building, 760 feet at 20 Exchange Place (1930-31); and Irving Trust Building, 654 feet, at 1 Wall Street (1929-31).

All would be eclipsed in height by two buildings further uptown; the Chrysler Building, 1,046 feet (1928-1930) and the Empire State Building, 1,248 feet (1930-1931). They would remain the two tallest buildings in the world until the completion of the World Trade Center Towers (1972).

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