Old New York In Photos #52 – Aerial View Of Broadway & Fifth Ave 1904

Fifth Ave and Broadway Looking North From The Top of the Flatiron Building 1904

Fifth Ave Broadway looking North from Flatiron Building

The Fuller Building known more commonly as the Flatiron Building sits at the convergence of Fifth Avenue and Broadway at 23rd Street. It is a great place to get a nice view of Manhattan, so the Keystone View Company sent a photographer to take this picture on a clear late summer day in 1904. This photo shows the two principal avenues of Manhattan splitting north after 24th street with Broadway branching off to the left and Fifth Avenue on the right.

The streets are busy with horsecars, trolleys and a few automobiles making their way up and downtown as all streets had traffic running both ways.

Stereoview Fifth Ave Broadway looking North from Flatiron BuildingThe structure at the bottom of the center of the photo is the General Worth monument. The five story building immediately behind the Worth monument contains a drug store and was the home for the Berlitz School of Languages. The trees on the right side of the photo mark the edge of Madison Square Park. Directly across Fifth Avenue from the Wilson Whiskey ad stands the Hotel Victoria running the block through from Fifth Avenue to Broadway at 27th Street. The Hoffman House Hotel stands on the west side of Broadway at 25th Street, its advertising sign can be partially seen on its roof.

Other advertising can be seen on buildings, including ads for the ten cent Continental Cigar; the Lincoln Trust Company and the Mark Cross Company in the Cross Chambers Building.

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