Classic Hollywood #40 – Bette Davis

Bette Davis Might Get Fat

Bette Davis early 1930sYou may be familiar with the dated synth infused 1981 #1 hit song Bette Davis Eyes which brought attention to those magnificent eyes of screen legend Bette Davis, but in the 1930’s Bette’s movie studio was more concerned with Bette Davis Thighs.

In 1933 Warner Brothers asked Lloyd’s of London for a policy on the five foot three and a half, 106 pound star to insure that her weight would not go over 120 pounds. If it did Davis’ producers would get $50,000.

Lloyd’s would also have some protection in issuing the policy. If Davis ever hit 115 pounds, Lloyd’s had a provision they could put Davis on a diet. How Lloyd’s would force Davis to do this is left unexplained. Since Davis had never been above 108 pounds in her entire life the risk was considered negligible.

Overall the insurance policy story sounds like a ploy just to get publicity which it did.

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