Street Signs New York City – 1962

What Happened To Those Old Street Signs?

old time street signs Nassau Pine St photo Look MagazineFrom the Look Magazine photo archive comes this photograph taken by Philip Harrington in 1962 showing the street signs at the intersection of Nassau and Pine Streets.

The humpback street signs which had served New York City for about 50 years were discontinued over the next few years and replaced by rectangular yellow signs with black letters. Those signs lasted until the early 1980’s when they were taken down.

The old elegant blue street signs with white serif lettering ended up being bought en masse by Stamford House Wrecking in Stamford, CT  in the 1970’s and were sold to the public for $5 to $8 apiece. In 1972 there were literally thousands of the signs stacked against each other outside their warehouse in numerical street order. It was in this way I was able to purchase the old sign for the street I lived on in the Bronx for $5. Unfortunately during many moves it somehow got misplaced.

The street signs now command $150 apiece and more on eBay.

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