Yankees And Orioles Pennant Race – Just Like The Old Days

Are The Orioles A Bunch of Supermen?

The Baltimore Orioles played like Supermen from 1969-1971 winning 109, 108 and 101 games respectively. They won the American League Eastern division crown five times from 1969-1974.

The 2012 Baltimore Orioles have battled the Yankees for the division lead far longer than many baseball experts have expected.

This Baltimore – New York rivalry had cooled off during the last 15 years, but has finally re-ignited under Orioles manager Buck Showalter’s gritty team. In the early to mid 1970’s the Yankees and the Orioles were contending with one another year after year. The Orioles were always coming out on top, until 1976 when the Yankees finally broke their twelve year pennant dry spell and went on to the World Series, only to be swept by the Cincinnati Reds.

In this September 10, 1970 news photograph, Yankees outfielder Curt Blefary confronted not one Orioles Superman, but four.

The text of this AP news photograph reads:

A few months ago, when the New York Yankees were getting close to the Baltimore Orioles, former Oriole Curt Blefary said Baltimore could be caught because “they don’t have bid red S’s under their shirts.” Prior to tonight’s game, the Orioles, now leading by 10 games, showed Blefary  (center) that they are indeed some kind of Supermen. Exposing their shirts are Frank Robinson, Paul Blair, Brooks Robinson and Dave Johnson.

The Yankees ended up 93-69 finishing second in the American League Eastern Division to the Orioles who went 108-54.  They then swept the Twins 3-0 for the AL Championship and won the 1970 World Series 4-1 over the Cincinnati Reds.

We’ll see if the 2012 Orioles have any Supermen this year as the season winds down.

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