The Best Baseball Card Error – EVER

Something Even Babe Ruth Couldn’t Do

I stopped collecting baseball cards in 1981 after it became speculative and was more about card values rather than flipping, trading and completing sets.

This was one of my favorite baseball cards simply because of the obviousness of the mistake and the fact that it was never corrected.

The Dave Bennett – Rick Wise rookie card from the 1964 Topps set is nothing extraordinary on the front. But on the back of Dave Bennett’s very short biography is this astounding piece of information:

“Dave is the younger brother of the Phils’ ace, Dennis Bennett. The 19-year-old righthanded curveballer is just 18 years old!”

Now that is some feat!

One thought on “The Best Baseball Card Error – EVER

  1. Ken Hillerman

    You failed to mention the “almost” greatest mistakes in the 1968 Topps. Bob Gibson and Tom Seaver pitching left handed. Supposedly the mistake cards actually made it to production on Topps card sheets and were then corrected with boring head shots of the future HOF’s. The cards never made it to customer purchase. ?????. Booooo


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