Madison Square In A Vintage Painting – Paul Cornoyer

Paul Cornoyer Madison Square in the Afternoon – 1910

Paul Cornoyer (1864-1923) was an impressionist painter who worked primarily in New York City. This beautiful scene was painted in 1910 and is looking east across Madison Square Park, towards the tower of Madison Square Garden.

Madison Square Garden was built in 1890 by McKim, Mead & White, and took up the whole block from 26th to 27th streets between Madison and Park Avenues. Madison Square Garden was demolished in 1926 to make way for the New York Life Building.

6 thoughts on “Madison Square In A Vintage Painting – Paul Cornoyer

    1. Bradley Firchow

      Hi Richard! I love Paul Cornoyer’s work. I would be very interested to talk with you about your Cornoyers. I might be interested in buying one or both of them!

  1. Seth

    I found almost this exact view of his in a trunk, wrapped in a brown paper bag, in the back hall of a client’s house. Cornoyer had been a friend to my 90 year old client’s aunt, and he gave this view to her. We sold it at auction, uncleaned and unframed, about 4 months ago,. Great find!


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