Get Your Cheap Thrills 1960’s Style

Sinderella And The Golden Bra – 1964

This movie is so bad that they misspelled the title on the promotional still as Sinderalla. If your idea of a seductive temptress is Lily Tomlin then you are in luck. The no-name cast includes a woman bearing a slight resemblance to a young Lily Tomlin (see actress on left).

The “plot” for Sinderella And The Golden Bra is:

Prince David is having trouble finding a bride amongst the maidens of the village, so his father decides to hold a masked ball. Sinderella, an adopted French orphan, puts up with abuse from her stepmother and two stepsisters, and is not allowed to go to the ball. She is despondent until her inebriated fairy godfather appears and fixes her up real pretty and sends her on to the ball, with the admontion that she must return by midnight. Sinderella and the Prince get along famously, but the time flies and she leaves in a hurry, dropping her gilded support in her haste. The Prince mounts a desperate search for his loved one, requiring all the maidens of the village to try on the forgotten garment.

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