Play At Your Own Risk

Wait in Line For Your Turn at The Big Slide

This 1927 photo is captioned “Summer On A Children’s City Playground.”

I don’t know for sure what city this is in.  But it was typical of an early twentieth century playground.  No “helicopter mom’s” hovering over their precious children. Nothing but lots of kids experiencing fun on what is the biggest slide I’ve ever seen in a city park.

I wrote to the New York City Parks Department a few years ago and asked what happened to the monkey bars, see saws and tall slides along with all the other amusements that presented some sense of excitement and danger. Weeks later I received a reply that said in couched language that potential lawsuits and updates in technology had rendered these playground amusements obsolete.

If today’s lawyers had a time machine they would be lining up beside this slide waiting to file a case.

1 thought on “Play At Your Own Risk

  1. L. Caballero

    I remember sand in the sandbox, the parks department steel swings and no rubber on the ground. But that’s when parents stopped you from running amok and took responsibility. You cried shook it off and begged to go back the next day. People were parents and children were everyone’s kids.


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