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Your Wasted Presidential Vote

2012 Election Over, Same Problems, No Solutions

Last night I tuned in briefly to watch the Presidential election results knowing full well that my candidate would not win.

Not because I had voted for Mitt Romney.

Gary Johnson

For the eighth consecutive Presidential election I voted for a 3rd party candidate.  In this case, Libertarian, Gary Johnson.

While watching the results come in a friend called me and asked who I had voted for. When I told her Gary Johnson, she thought I was kidding and then realized that I was serious and quite sternly reprimanded me by saying, “why did you waste your vote?”

I replied,  “I believe that of the 120 million who voted, more than half voted not for Barack Obama or Mitt Romney, but against them.”

“Gary Johnson was the candidate who presented the best ideas, that’s why I voted for him. I didn’t waste my vote.”

This logic did not persuade my friend. She insisted my logic was faulty and I had wasted my vote.

What would happen if more people voted for the person they felt would do the best job, instead of voting for a candidate they didn’t really like?

Maybe we’d have more people in government representing “we the people.”

1924 Presidential candidate Robert La Follette Sr.

1980 Presidential candidate John Anderson

1992 & 96 Presidential candidate H. Ross Perot






Over one million people agreed with my assessment and voted for Gary Johnson. Another 396,000 people voted for Green Party candidate Jill Stein. Over 200,000 votes were cast for others.  One day, hopefully, the United States will have more than two parties. Instead of complaining about sending the same political hacks back to office, maybe people should wake up and do something about changing the status quo.

I didn’t waste my vote. Did you?

On Patriotism, Loyalty and the U.S. Constitution

2012 – Republican or Democrat?

On May Day (also called International Workers’ Day) which is now morphing into a day of general protest, not just workers rights, I found this nugget of wisdom from an 1864 magazine article. It makes you realize how far we have gone off track as a country when it comes to partisan politics and what is best for the country.

“Patriotism means love of the institutions and customs and peoples of one’s country in general. Loyalty is allegiance, not, as elsewhere or in former times, to kings and nobles, but to the Constitution and laws of our country in both its State and Federal forms. Loyalty to an administration or party may be disloyalty in the true sense of the word, and must be so, if the administration or party be itself unfaithful to the Constitution and laws. Our oath and duty of allegiance are to the Constitution, and not to any administration. The President is not the government, but an administrator of it, according to the laws of the Constitution, and he, as every other officer is sworn to administer it according to that standard and in allegiance to it. They owe the same allegiance we do.”

“The Causes and Dangers of Social Excitement” The Knickerbocker Vol. LXIII No. 6 June 1864 – Page 486

The Best Presidential Candidate In The 2012 Election

Vermin Supreme – Would Make A Better President Than Obama, Romney, Paul, Huntsman, Gingrich, Perry and Santorum

vermin supremeIf you have never heard of Vermin Supreme or that he is running for President you are not alone. He has not taken out any advertising and the mainstream media ignores him. But through youtube and other web sites, Vermin Supreme is making his candidacy known.

The only Presidential candidate who wears a boot on his head, Vermin Supreme has a simple platform:

  • Dental Hygiene Law
  • Flying Monkey Public Safety Assurance Program
  • Time Travel Research Funding
  • An Energy Program Which Harnesses the Awesome Power of The Zombies
  • Free Pony’s For All Americans

Vermin Supreme really is running for President. The satirist was invited to share the dais with the other Lesser-Known Democratic Candidates Presidential Forum which was held December 19, 2011 and hosted by the New Hampshire Institute of Politics at Saint Anselm College. The forum shows Mr Supreme at his best.

Randall Terry, the notorious anti-abortion activist, is the candidate who gets Mr. Supreme’s attention at the end of the video.

In a previous interview with the Washington Times, Mr. Supreme was asked whether he plans to send troops back into Iraq, Mr. Supreme said he wants to send troops “everywhere.”

“I propose we will invade and we will make that country a state,” he said. “So Iraq would be our 51st state, Afghanistan would be 52nd state. and on and on. Once we change these foreigners to Americans, they will certainly love America and we’ll will be able to tax them and it will be a wonderful unified United States of the Earth. Thank you.”

The United States needs Mr. Supreme if only for relief from all the empty words emanating from our politicians mouths.