Other Good Web Sites

Old Los Angeles History – The Daily Mirror (old web site up to 2011) and LA Daily Mirror (new web site) – Larry Harnisch’s L.A. Times Blog With Great Photos and Interesting Old Los Angeles History

The Movie District – Revisits the shooting locations of many films. Absolutely fascinating.

Silent Hollywood – images and stories about the silent era of film

Close-Ups & Long Shots – Michael G. Ankerich’s site devoted to silent films

Dear Old Hollywood – Then & now photos & descriptions of classic movie locations around Hollywood

Hollywoodland – Allan Ellenberger’s site devoted to bygone days of Hollywood

Murder By Gaslight – Information & resources on 19th Century American murders

Dark Passage – urban exploration of abandoned buildings

Blast From The Past – author Mike Dash’s web site on forgotten bits of history

Hollywood Heyday – Period film magazines and news stories about old Hollywood with terrific photos

Opacity – Phenomenal photographs of abandoned places by Tom Kirsch

Woodpile Report – Weekly news, & commentary on politics, science & art, for intelligent people.

Civil Liberties – In-depth thoughtful articles on a variety of issues affecting ALL Americans regardless of your place in the political spectrum