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May Day In Brooklyn -1919

10,000 Girls Celebrate May Day In Prospect Park, 1919 I may not be 100 years old, but I do remember being in public school celebrating May Day with a traditional maypole dance. May Day in New York has other connotations … Continue reading

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Ladies Day – Rowing On The Harlem River Circa 1905

Ladies Get Ready For Rowing At An Annual Regatta On The Harlem River At the turn of the century, the male dominated rowing clubs of New York City, Long Island and Hoboken would hold regattas and invite the fairer sex … Continue reading

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Gas Price Wars – 1967 Style

Remember Paying 27 Cents A Gallon For Gas? War Over? No, Not Quite. Too late, sir, the gasoline price war is over. Or is it? This sign leaves consumer Don Lambert wondering. Yesterday the price had risen three cents a … Continue reading

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How A 1919 New York Law Enacted To Help Women, Ended Up Costing Them Their Jobs

An Uproar Ensues When Women Take Men’s Jobs In Wartime New York 1917 – Marie Bocinec Becomes The First Woman Streetcar Conductor In New York City. As New Doors To Working Women Were Opening, Everything Was About To Go All … Continue reading

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Young Man Swims In Lake Michigan On January 4, 1924

90 Years Ago Today: Victor Barothy Goes Swimming In Lake Michigan January 4, 1924 I’ve seen the polar bear clubs with swimmers who plunge into the Atlantic Ocean on New Year’s Day every year. But this looks insane. Those large … Continue reading

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1956 – Joe DiMaggio And Hollywood Stars Attend A Charity Ball

Fundraiser For Boys Towns Of Italy Draws Top Celebrities 1956 The woman seated is Elsa Maxwell, a gossip columnist who was famous for hosting parties featuring royalty, the wealthy and movie personalities. Standing from left to right are stars Cleo … Continue reading

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Celebrity Stalkers Aren’t New

Maude Adams, Biggest Star of The New York Stage Had A Stalker Committed To Bellevue Today the paparazzi are considered the primary stalkers of celebrities and their children. But every now and then we read about the true psychopaths who … Continue reading

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The New York City Zoo In 1901

The Menagerie Or Animals In Very Small Cages These photographs taken by an amateur photographer in 1901 show the Central Park Menagerie, more commonly known as the zoo.  The cramped quarters and cages the animals were kept in lasted until … Continue reading

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Woman Missing For 28 Years Found Buried In False Wall In Her Own Home

Getting Away With Murder It’s cases like this one that leave me scratching my head. JoAnn Nichols, a 55-year-old elementary school teacher in Poughkeepsie, New York went missing December 20, 1985. Her husband, James I. Nichols Jr. notified the police … Continue reading

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Mia Kovacs And Her Bible

It Went Unsold Heritage Auctions had Mia Kovacs bible on the auction block on February 21, 2009. There were no bidders. The bible and portrait pictured above were consigned as part of the estate of Mia’s mother, Edie Adams, the … Continue reading

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