Old New York In Photos #145 – West Street c. 1885

Businesses, Horses & People On Crowded West Street c. 1885

This stereoview of West Street demonstrates the importance of this shoreline street.

West Street, adjacent to the Hudson River with its piers and ferry terminals, was a vital cog to Manhattan’s commerce.

We are looking north along West Street from Murray Street to Warren Street. West Street is bustling with passenger trolleys and horse drawn delivery wagons bringing goods to and from market.

Among the businesses seen are (nearest to furthest) at 172 West Street Consolidated Refrigerator.

173 West Street holds Meacham and Farnum wholesale fruit dealers. J. Romer & Co. Flour  merchants occupy 174 West Street.

At 175 West Street is William Dinwoodie’s Hotel. In New York directory listings from the 1870s through the 1890s have Dinwoodie as a liquor dealer at this address. The sign at street level indicates Dinwoodie is an “importer of brandies.” The liquor / hotel business did not make the Scottish immigrant wealthy. When he died in October 1902 Dinwoodie’s estate was valued at $3,000.

Beyond Dinwoodie’s Hotel, advertisements appear on the side of 177 West Street containing Joseph Bogardus, & Thomas Ellaby, agricultural hardware. Below the Bogardus ad is a sign for W.E. Duryea’s & Sons, fruit and produce merchants with their offices located on Warren Street.

Every structure in this view was demolished long ago. West Street is now primarily a street level highway with traffic lights containing a mix of corporate business and residential buildings.

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