Amelia Earhart When She Was A Child

The Young Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart As A Girl
Boston- Amelia Earhart, the daring Boston aviatrix who with Wilmer Stultz and Lou Gordon is at Trepassey, Newfoundland waiting for favorable weather to hop off in her tri-motored Fokker plane for England, is pictured above as a young girl. At left she is shown at the age of 3 with her sister Muriel Curtis Earhart, who is now a school teacher, and at the right Amelia is shown at the age of 7 years. photo: International Newsreel 6-5-1928

Amelia Earhart (b. 1897) disappeared on July 2, 1937. But she remains today arguably the most famous woman pilot in history. The newspapers that ran this photo back in 1928 were caught up in the birth of Earhart-mania.

Earhart was to become the first female passenger to complete a transatlantic flight.  Wilmer Stultz was the pilot of the the plane and Earhart was supposed to be the co-pilot. The plane, named The Friendship, flew from Boston to Halifax, Nova Scotia on June 4 and then to Trepassey, where the original plan was just to have a short stopover for fuel.

However, it took a couple of weeks for better weather conditions to manifest in order to leave. The plane departed from Newfoundland on June 17, 1928. Twenty hours and 49 minutes later through a rain and fog plagued flight, the plane arrived in Burry Port, Wales.

Because of the bad weather Earhart admitted. “I want to make it clear I was a passenger on this trip. At no time did I handle the controls because conditions were so unfavorable.”

Requiring instrument flying which Earhart had no experience at, led her to relinquish the flying duties solely to Stultz.

Amelia Earhart would go on to make many other historic flights.

Amelia’s sister, Grace Muriel Earhart Morrisey lived a long life dying at the age of 98 in West Milford, MA on March 2 1998.

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