Senator John F. Kennedy Visits Former President Harry Truman

 Kennedy and Truman In Missouri 1959

Kennedy meets Truman 1959 photo AP WirephotoLibrary Meeting
In Independence, Mo. – Senator Kennedy, Democrat, Massachusetts, and former President Truman met at the Truman Library. Kennedy later took off on a quick tour of Kansas. Photo: AP wirephoto November 23, 1959

Though Kennedy said it was “a fine meeting,” Scripps-Howard  reporter Charles Lucey noted that Kennedy was unafraid to disagree with Truman publicly over nuclear testing.

Kennedy said, resumption of tests is unwise, prior to the Geneva talks, especially when the Russians suspended their own testing.

One of Kennedy’s other stances was prescient.

Lucey reported Kennedy “opposed present recognition of Red China unless it meets conditions he believes it will not meet – abiding by the United Nations Charter, agreeing to live in amity with the U.S. and the world. The issue has nothing to do with China being a Communist government he said.

But once in the UN, Kennedy predicted the Red Chinese would go right on treating us with contempt.

Mr. Kennedy tells his audiences the great problem of the 1960 election will be our relations with the Communist world and what we’re to do with them.”

It’s a problem we’re still dealing with 63 years later.

On January 2, 1960 Kennedy announced his candidacy for President.

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