Old New York In Photos #142 – Harbor & Skyline From Ferry

Manhattan Skyline As Seen From A Ferryboat – 1910

This stereoview photograph taken for the H.C. White Company shows one of the many ferryboats that transported passengers across the Hudson and East Rivers.

We are looking east along the Hudson River towards the lower Manhattan skyline. A few  notable buildings can be seen beyond the piers and terminals.

Three men gather near the railing of the ferry surveying the scene. To the left of the tall man with the white collar is the domed World Building also known as the Pulitzer Building.

Directly behind the middle man in profile is the Park Row Building which when completed in 1899 was the tallest building in the world. Of all the buildings shown and described in the photo, this is the only one still standing.

The man wearing the cap has two matching buildings on each side of him. They are the Hudson Terminal Buildings popularly known as “The Twin Towers.” When opened in 1909 the 22-story Hudson Terminal Buildings were the largest office buildings in the world. The buildings contained nearly 900,000 square feet of rentable office space and could accommodate 10,000 tenants. The buildings were demolished in 1972 as part of the development of The World Trade Center complex.

The tallest building in our photograph is the Singer Building completed in 1908. The Singer Building held the record of tallest building for less than one year. The Metropolitan Life Insurance Building on 23rd Street took the title away in 1909. Directly in front of the Singer Building is the 33-story City Investing Building. Both the Singer and City Investing Building were demolished in 1968.

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