Classic Hollywood #112 – Marilyn Monroe Arrives At A Premiere

Marilyn Attends The New York Premiere of The Rose Tattoo

By The Way: June 1 Is The 95th Anniversary Of Marilyn Monroe’s Birth

MArilyn Monroe Rose Tattoo photo TribuneNew York – Marilyn Monroe arrived at the Astor Theatre for the film premiere of “The Rose Tattoo” wearing white fur over a dark gown. The premiere was for the benefit of Actors’ Studio, a non-profit for actors, directors and playwrights. photo: Tribune, December 2, 1955

Look at the different expressions on everyone as Marilyn arrives. The man directly behind Marilyn wearing the ribbon is extremely happy. The normally stoic New York City policemen are somewhat starstruck. And Marilyn looks radiant.

Later that night inside the theatre Marilyn Monroe and blonde bombshell Jayne Mansfield would meet up. This was the only time the two stars were photographed  together.

Marilyn Monroe was born 95 years ago on June 1, 1926 and only got to celebrate 36 birthdays. She’s been dead 59 years.  Marilyn’s mother, Gladys outlived Marilyn by 22 years dying in 1984 at the age of 81.

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