Old New York In Photos #122 – City Hall From Park Row 1870

City Hall As Seen From Park Row 1870

The NEw York City Hall photograph by E &HT Anthony stereoview #5999 1870The photographic firm of E. & H.T. Anthony & Co. captured this unusual view of New York’s City Hall on a warm sunny day in 1870.

The view shows a vacant plaza in front of this normally bustling area .Awnings provide shade on a few of the windows at City Hall. Against the fence there are some ghostly forms of people with umbrellas to shield themselves from the sun. But besides those people and the horse drawn omnibus with some passengers making its way north on Park Row, the scene is rather desolate.

The two clocks on City Hall’s tower do not agree with one another. The time is somewhere between two ten and three fifteen.

While we always think of New York as a bustling city, 1870s New York life was at a slower pace. Communication is done in person, through the mails or by telegraph. A telegraph pole stands across Park Row and a smaller pole is on the roof of City Hall.

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